Blue Hole In Dahab – The Best Snorkeling In Egypt

Dahab in Egypt is one of the most beautiful places to go snorkeling in the world, especially around the blue hole! The blue hole is a truly unique place to admire the underwater world because it is literally a hole in the Red Sea ocean floor. Therefore, the blue hole in Dahab is a bucket list destination for many snorkeling, freediving, and scuba diving fans. With its crystal clear waters, wild corals, and a huge abundance of fish. Read all you need to know about a visit to the blue hole here.

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How To Get To The Blue Hole In Dahab

The blue hole is located 8 km towards the North of Dahab in the Gulf of Aqaba, an arm of the Red Sea, separating Egypt and Saudi Arabia. From the center of Dahab, it’s only a short 20-minute drive to the blue hole. From your hotel, you can get taxi’s random from the street, or you can ask your hotel to arrange one. A returning taxi drive from Dahab will cost you about 15 euros.

When you’re sitting in the back of one of the taxi vans, expect to feel like a participant of the Dakar Rally, as the driver races over sandy roads with tons of sharp turns and bumps (so much fun!). But don’t forget to look around and admire the bare mountain ridges, and try to spot some wandering camels in this sandy desert.

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If you want to visit the blue hole in Dahab from Sharm El Sheikh, expect a 1,5-hour drive with a taxi, and bring your passport in case of military checkpoints on the way.

In Dahab, most people get around by car or bike. Some say you can also cycle to the blue hole, which would be about 1 hour. If you want to do that, make sure you rent a decent bike with proper gear. 

blue hole dahab egypt snorkelling-8

How The Blue Hole Was Formed

The blue hole is literally a sinkhole in the ocean floor close to Dahab. You can recognize the hole by the deep blue color compared to the light turquoise water above the corals, hence the name “Blue Hole.”

This blue hole is a real treat for divers, snorkelers, and freedivers because it is a very unusual spot, easily accessible. There are little waves and currents in the blue hole, and the marine life from the Red Sea is exceptional.

In the center, this hole gets up to 100 meters deep, but along the edges, there is a wide variety of corals and colorful fish. You can perfectly see where the corals lie because this is a much lighter color; this is where you want to go.

blue hole from above dahab egypt-2

Getting Into The Water

When you arrive at the blue hole, your driver will pick a restaurant where you can sit, and from here, you jump in and out of the water. The restaurant offers rental snorkeling equipment for about 1 to 3 euros per set. 

Depending on the season, the water temperature changes. I highly recommend you bring a snorkeling t-shirt or even a short wetsuit, as it can be quite cold in the water. 

restaurant blue hole Egypt Dahab

The best place to get into the water is on the left side of the blue hole. Walk past all the shops and restaurants, past the wall covered with death certificates (creeeppyyy), and turn around the corner. Here is a beautiful spot where you can enter the water, in between a trench, and swim out. I marked the location here. Meanwhile, swiming out of the trench, you’ll immediately see an oasis of colorful marine life. Alongside the reef, there is a very steep coral wall. Swim along the coral wall towards the blue hole and enjoy. 

Pink coral and Colourful fish

What To Expect From The Marine Life At The Blue Hole In Dahab

The blue hole is one of those places which are even better than what you could have hoped for! It feels like jumping into an aquarium at the zoo, so beautiful is this place. The marine life is incredibly abundant, with on one hand bright pink and yellow corals stacking up along the walls. And on the other hand fish ranging from fat groupers and parrotfish, to cute little clownfish playing hide and seek in their anemones and elegant trumpet fish.

The reef is a busy traffic yam of pink sea goldies and yellow sulfur damsels with a lionfish, clams, and eels here and there. So enough to see!

But be careful and don’t try to touch any of the corals or fish are some can be poisonous.

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Best Time To Visit The Blue Hole In Dahab

The best time to visit the blue hole in Dahab is in the morning. Early in the day, the fish are out and active and there are few people.

Between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m., many people from Sharm el-Sheik arrive at the blue hole for a day trip. Therefore, the blue hole is busiest with snorkelers between 12 and 3 p.m. And don’t forget about the divers, as the blue hole in Dahab is a widely known divers stakeout. 

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What Do You Need To Bring

When you go snorkelling in the blue hole you need to the following things:

  • (Free dive) flippers 
  • Goggles and snorkel
  • Snorkeling UV-shirt or (short) wetsuit
  • Sunscreen (Ocean Friendly)
  • Action Camera
  • Cash
  • Towel

Discover the Blue Hole From Above

If you are looking for another perspective on the Blue Hole in Dahab, you are in luck! There is a viewpoint where you can gaze at this blue treasure from above.

Walk to the Bedouin Star Restaurant and turn left into an alley. After that, you’ll see a toilet building, pass this building on the left, and you’ll find yourself a set of stairs. Climb your way up and enjoy the view. Other paths lead up, but this is the quickest to reach the viewpoint straight on the blue hole.

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