Dahab: The 10 Greatest Things To Do

Egypt has much more to offer than pyramids and pharaohs! Dahab is filled with gorgeous snorkeling spots, delicious food, and desert views. Discover the Top 10 Things To Do Dahab, Egypt has to offer right now.

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Snorkelling In The Eel Garden

The eel garden is a unique snorkeling spot in the Dahab. Straight from the beach, you walk into the ocean and find yourself surrounded by corals. But what’s most special about this snorkeling spot are the eels. From the beach, you can snorkel through a narrow channel towards the edge of the reef.  You will see hundreds of eels sticking out of the ground in the sandy bottom of the ocean. These eels almost look like trees moving in the wind, which is pretty cool! Hence the name eel garden. 

The eels themselves reach approximately 1 m above the sand and are about 5 cm thick. When you swim towards them, the eels will instinctively shoot back into the sand and slowly peep out when they feel it’s safe. 

The eel garden is very close to the Dahab city center and can be reached from multiple restaurants along the water. You will see plenty of signs in front of the restaurants to guide you.

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Top 10 Things To Do In Dahab, Egypt

Go On A Camel Safari In The Desert Of Dahab, Egypt

If you go to Egypt, there is one thing that is an absolute must: going on a camel ride or do a walk with camels. It is super fun to see these beautiful animals up close, and it’s a lot wobblier than horseback riding haha.

You can ride a few routes with the camels, so best ask your hotel to arrange something. You could also combine a camel ride with a desert safari or a Bedouin dinner.

Fun fact ➳ Did you know that many people who live in Egypt own camels and let them wander about in the desert?  And when they need them, they will drive around the desert to find the camels and pick them up.

camels Dahab Things To Do

Drive A Quad In The Desert

Just as you can do a camel ride in the desert, you can do a quad ride. Drive over the dunes and enjoy the view during this ride. Drive to the oasis just outside of Dahab or cross along the beach. It’s all possible.

Have A Bedouin Dinner In The Desert

Dive into the Egyptian culture by experiencing a Bedouin dinner in the desert. The Bedouin people are the nomads or desert dwellers in Egypt. When doing a Bedouin dinner, you will drive into the desert and eat as the nomads did when people lived out in the desert.

Gaze at the stars while enjoying foods like rice with chicken, a great salad with tajine dip, bread, fruits, and much more. Everything is prepared in front of you one a fire in the middle of nowhere.

Pro Tip It cools off very quickly in the desert, and the temperatures can even drop under 0 degrees from the moment when the sun is down. So bring along pants, socks, and a thick jacket.

Snorkel In The Blue Hole In Dahab, Egypt

The Blue Hole is one of the biggest bucket list dive sites in the world. Therefore, many scuba divers and snorkelers dream about exploring the Blue Hole for themselves. The blue hole is literally a hole in the ocean floor. Most importantly, the thing that makes this blue hole interesting is the hole’s edge being covered with many corals species in great shape. Moreover, thousands upon thousands of fish swim around the corals.

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Eat Hawawshi At Hotel Daniela

Hawawshi is a traditional Egyptian dish. Pita bread is filled with a mix of meat, spices, and veggies like paprika and unions, and it’s delicious. Hawawshi is definitely one of the Egyptian dishes worth trying.

In Dahab, the best place to have Hawawshi is at hotel Daniela. Sit outside at the pool, enjoy the ocean view, cuddle Bella, the dog and let your tastebuds have a party.

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Do A Desert And Canyon Safari

The landscape of Egypt consists of a huge part of deserts. From the plane, you can already spot these vast sand lands. A great thing to do from Dahab, Egypt, is to explore the desert during a fun day-trip safari.

We drove to one of the nomadic villages in the desert during this day-trip, where we met our guide. He showed us the varieties of plants, told us all about the land, and took us to a spectacular canyon in the desert (In my opinion, maybe more beautiful than the famous antelope canyon in the US).

After the canyon, our guides made a traditional lunch with bread baked in the sand. Everyone relaxed for a bit, and after, our guide took us for a hike up one of the mountains, which gave a beautiful view overlooking the desert. We walked up to another hill from where we could watch the sunset, and whilst we were watching the sunset, the other guides were preparing another delicious meal for us consisting of rice, chicken, and some great salad.

It was exceptional because only a handful of people per year actually came there.

Watch The Sunset From The Dahab Harbor

The harbor In Dahab is a delightful place to relax and enjoy some great food. But besides the food, the view is amazing. Especially during sunset, the colorful sky reflects in the shimmering water. 

Try the ice cream at Shells. It literally is the best I have ever tasted, served with amazing fresh fruit, and funny and friendly people in the restaurant.

Pro Tip ➳ If you’re going to watch the sunset here, try and pick a restaurant in the northern part of the harbor. Here you can see the sun go down beautifully and enjoy the sun the longest.

Eat Local Fish At Darwish Fishmarket (It Looks Like Shit But The Food Is Amazing)

Dahab is also a great destination to eat fresh fish. In my opinion, the best way to do that is to go where the locals go. Darwish fishmarket is a little restaurant just outside the center of Dahab.

At first, you wouldn’t expect that this is a real restaurant, but don’t let your first opinion take the better of you. Ask the people in the restaurant about the fish and they’ll show you all the fresh fish they have that day. Pick and choose what you want and they will prepare it for you then and there. They ride out a big bbq and prepare a full meal for you, with rice, salads, bread, tajine, and the fish. Yummy!

Get Your PADI Dive Certification In Dahab, Egypt

Dahab is a well-known scuba diving destination in Egypt. The corals are magnificent, and there is a wide array of fish species,  like the lionfish and many more. Therefore, Dahab is a great place to improve your driving skills and get your PDAI certificate. 

You can literally take diving lessons in the center of Dahab, as the little harbor is a great beginner dive site. Ask around which dive school the locals recommend and sign yourself up for your PADI dive course.

Tip ➳ Another beautiful diving destination is Amed in Bali. There is a shipwreck you can explore underwater.

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