Hidden Gem: The Cunca Rami Waterfall On Flores

Go on an adventure through jungle and rice fields to find the beautiful Cunca Rami Waterfall on Flores! This island close to Bali offers a much more local experience and shows what life in Indonesia is really like. Read all you need to know about a day-trip to the Cunca Rami Waterfall (a real hidden gem on Flores) right here.

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Hidden Gem: The Cunca Rami Waterfall On Flores

How To Get To The Cunca Rami Waterfall On Flores

The Cunca Rami waterfall is located a little over 60 kilometers from Labuan Bajo, the main city on Flores. The best way to get there is by motorbike. It is super fun to drive a motorbike on Flores because during your ride you will be surprised by the most stunning views of the island. 

You can rent a motorbike in Labuan Bajo itself or almost any small town. There are tons of motorbike rentals available since many tourists drive from west to east Flores or vice versa. 

You can also drive up to the Waterfall in a taxi. However, this is much less fun as you don’t get to enjoy the environment as much. 

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Find Yourself A Guide

When you arrive in the village kids are running after you and many people are waving.  The people who live close to the Cunca Rami waterfall are happy to guide you to the waterfall in return for a small fee.

A guide to the Cunca Rami waterfalls will cost you about 100K IDR, which is about 6/7 euros.  You don’t necessarily need a guide to get to the waterfall, but it adds a different dimension because you get to learn about their culture and way of life.

We were guided by three adorable kids of about 8 years old. It was interesting to learn about their village, school, and how they were brought up. But the best part of it all was to see how happy and smooth they were running all over the jungle, jumping up and down, like real monkeys. 

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Hike Your Way Down

After parking your motorbike and having made a deal with a guide, it’s time to start hiking down into the jungle towards the waterfall. The jungle path is very slippery, so watch your step while walking down.

When we were walking for about 10 minutes it started raining, which was actually pretty cool! It was refreshing and the kids were holding large leaves above their heads whilst looking for fruit.

Pro Tip ➳ Have a rain jacket in the seat of your motorbike just in case of a tropical storm.

The jungle will gradually turn into vast rice fields with many levels and a passionfruit bush here and there. From the rice field, you can already see the Cunca Rami waterfall in the distance and hear the crashing of the water. After some more hopping down of different levels in rice fields and crossing a little river, you’ve made it to the Waterfall! 

Try Some Wild Passion Fruits

Try to find some passion fruit bushes when you are walking down to the waterfall. You can recognize the fruits by loose fluffy “shell/net” over them.

The passion fruits are very small and look like berries, but when you open them you can see that they are indeed passion fruits. 

You know that the passion fruit is ripe when they have turned from green to a deep yellow/orange color.

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passionfruit close to The Cunca Rami Waterfall On Flores

What To Expect From The Cunca Rami Waterfall on Flores

When you arrive you will see a large waterfall split into multiple streams. The fall is enclosed by high stone walls and lush greenery, making this a very secluded spot.

Take your time to soak up the beauty, relax and have a picnic moment.

There are (almost) only locals at the waterfall, who are very interested in who you are and your story. Therefore, the waterfall is a great spot to socialize and learn about Indonesian culture.

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Go For A Swim

Take a refreshing dip in the water and shower under the waterfall! It always astonishes me how powerful a waterfall is, as the water crashes down with an immense force. When you swim towards the fall you can feel this power in your veins.

The slope into the water is a bit slippery and steep, so be careful going in and out.

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Fun Facts About The Cunca Rami Waterfall on Flores

Swimming Lessons

When we arrived at the waterfall there was nobody else swimming in the water.  There were sitting some ladies on the side with their toes in, but nothing more. When I started talking with a lovely lady, who is a teacher at one of the elementary schools in the village, she told me that a lot of Indonesian people cannot swim. 

Practice English

The kids in the village are not taught English in their public school. The only ways the Indonesian people can learn English is either at an extremely fancy private school which almost nobody can afford or by talking to tourists.  That’s why the people on Flores try their best to speak to as many tourists as we can to practice their English. 

Watch The Beehives

On the stones everywhere around the waterfall, you will find little yellow dots. These dots are the pollen left by the bees living in huge beehives on the wall right of the waterfall. Make sure to keep your eyes open and see how huge these beehives are. 

Total Day-Trip Costs

Before you enter the Cuncu Rami waterfall you need to pay a small fee of 50K IDR per person, to support the local people living on Flores. So in total, a visit to the Cuncu Rami waterfall on Flores will cost you:

  • ~ 100K IDR For a guide
  • 50K IDR To enter the waterfall per person
  • ~ 80K IDR Motorbike rental

For 2 people on 1 motorbike, a day trip to Cuncu Rami waterfall costs about 280K IDR or approximately 17 Euro / 19 USD.

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