Is Bali Swing Worth It? Honest Review!

Is Bali Swing Worth It? Honest Review!

We all know the photos of a beautiful girl in a long dress on a swing over the jungle of Bali. But these photos are not the same experiences as they claim to be. Bali Swing is a special area with 15 swings and 9 nests where you can take this famous photo for yourself. Instagram and taking photos nowadays is it real big everybody’s life. But is going to the Bali Swing worth it or is it just a waste of money?

In this review I do not want to set a negative tone, because Bali is a magical place and has incredibly beautiful places to visit. BUT I do want to give you a real and honest perspective on the Bali Swings. So you can decide for yourself wether you want to go there. 

  1. Location
  2. What To Expect
  3. Conclusion

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Is Bali Swing worth it

Bali Swing Location

Bali Swing is close to the famous Tegalalang rice field in Ubud. The area itself has beautiful greenery, a river on which you can raft, a pool area and some nice view points. The swings and most nests are located on top of a hill, creating a beautiful scenery in the background. 

What To Expect From Bali Swing

Entrance and Disclaimer

When you arrive at Bali Swing you can park your motorbike across the street, free of cost (pro!). 

The entrance to Bali Swing costs 35 USD (which is crazy high for Bali perspectives). For this price you get to go on the swings and nests, which is the main reason why you’d go there. Also some drinks, lunch and a pool are included in this ticket.

At the entrance you are asked to sign a disclaimer that stated that if something happened to you on the premises of Bali Swing, you could not sue for damages.  Such a disclaimer means that for example, if you fall off a swing into the ravine underneath the swing itself and break both of your legs, Bali Swing cannot be held accountable

Being asked to sign such a disclaimer gave me a weird feeling, as if something was going to happen. But without signing this form your are not allowed in. So I signed the paper and walked in to the swing area.  

View and Surroundings

When you walk into the swing area you can see over the beautiful natural surroundings and the river. One thing you will notice is that there are swings everywhere. One of the guides will quickly explain where to find the best swings and nests, and also where you can eat and drink something.  

On the website and social media Bali Swing made it seem like you could spend the entire day here, relaxing, having fun on the swings and chilling in the pool with cocktails. 

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Tourbusses and Crowds

During our visit to Bali Swing it was in the summer period, about 10 a.m. in the morning. At this moment it was already very crowded. There was a long line of 10 or more people for almost any swing and nest. All these people were in line to to take a photo. Imagine that you go there to take nice photos and relax for a bit, and then seeing a mass of people taking photos and standing in line…  We also wanted to take those photos and stood in several lines. 

The main reason for these lines was because of the safety precautions, which I really liked. Everybody was fastened to the swing itself by means of a rope by one of the guides. You were not allowed to swing without the help of a guide/assistant.  From my perspective this was very nice and necessary as I did get a little nervous when I looked down when I was on one of the swings and saw the large height at which I was swinging in the air. 

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Lunch buffet

About 12 p.m. we decided to walk down to the river and to the restaurant area where you could have some lunch. This was a very nice path down, through some bits and pieces of jungle.  The restaurant area was right next to the river. From here could perfectly watch people have fun rafting and tubing! The food itself was set up in a buffet form which was constantly refilled. However, the taste of the food was not something to write home about and it felt like it could have been there for hours and hours. 

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So, is Bali Swing worth it?

On one hand, yes Bali Swing is a beautiful place with great photo opportunities. But on the other hand, you do need to be prepared for masses of people that also want to take those cool photos, standing in line most of the time and eating mediocre food. You need to consider for yourself whether 35 USD is worth taking a few photos.  

If you do decide to go to the Bali Swing I highly recommend you to go as early in the morning as possible. As not all the tour buses have arrived at that point. Another important thing is not to let yourself be rushed or get stressed because of. other people pushing you to hurry.

If you decide that this is not worth it, I have a way better alternative! Which are the swings in the tegalalang rice field. In this rice fields, owners have built their own swings and only ask a small payment in return for a photo on the that swing. But do be careful and pay attention to the safety precautions!

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  1. Chocoviv

    This is a very honest review…did you try the other swing then?

    1. Freckles On The Beach

      Hi! Yes it is veryyyy honest, but I felt I needed to because this is such a hype place to visit. On other places all over Bali there are much better swings which I indeed visited ?. Have you been to the swings in bali?

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