Full Pai Thailand Guide + Top Things To Do

When backpacking in the north of Thailand there’s one place you cannot miss and that is Pai.  This is a small village also known as backpackers paradise. Besides the fun village itself, Pai is surrounded by beautiful nature, ranging from canyons to rice fields and waterfalls. Discover the “must do” things in Pai, Thailand right now. 

  1. How To Get There
  2. Where To Stay
  3. Things To Do 

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Full Pai Thailand Guide + Top Things To Do

1. How To Get There

Depending on where you are in Thailand, take a train or airplane to Chiang Mai. From Chiang Mai it’s recommended to take a bus directly to Pai, or a taxi van. I personally love looking on 12Go.Asia to see what transportation is available.

Another great way to visit Pai is to drive the Mae Hong Son Loop on a motorbike. In the Mae Hong Son Loop is a 600 km long motorbike route along the most beautiful spots in the North Of Thailand, and off course Pai is included.

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2. Where To Stay In Pai, Thailand

Pai is a great destination for all kinds of travellers, like backpackers, solo traveler and luxurious travellers. Therefore, we listed the best accommodations for each kind of traveller below?.

Best Stays For Solo Travel

Pai My Way Hostel

Pai My Way Hostel (6 Euros per Night) is located right in the center of Pai and is a very modern but cozy hostel with its own restaurant, bar and lounge area. The chill vibe and decorated garden make Pai My Way Hostel a great spot for solo travellers.

The garden is unreal and the dorms are a nice big space, beds are bigger than singles so lots of room. I was really ill and the owner Emily was so kind for the 2 days we spent there, helped me with a lot of things. Thank you for helping me get my phone back from under the bed as well!! 30 seconds walk to walking street. Thank you so much xx

From Matthew (UK), Booking.com review

Jikko In Town

A great hostel close to the bars, perfect if you want to have fun with other travellers. The staff is super friendly and there is a shared kitchen available, free large lockers and free water refill tank. PLUS Jikko In Town costs only 5 Euros per night?!

Very clean, big beds and good privacy. 2 showers and 2 toilets. Very close to bars, scooter rental ect. Yo-yo was lovely to welcome us! Good breccy egg and toast and tea/coffe!

Amber (UK), Booking.com review

Best Budget StayFarmstay at Pai 

I have always dreamt staying in a little triangle house, and this is the perfect place for it! The Farmstay at Pai has the cutest little huts (pretty luxurious also) for 14 euros per night for 2 people?.

I love finding these kind of hidden gem stays!

This place is excellent value for money. It really is a little peaceful oasis, just a 10 minute walk from all the action areas of Pai. The cabins are lovely, and the staff are so friendly. I wouldn’t hesitate to come back here or recommend it to others.

Nick (ES), Booking.com review

Best Luxury Stays

Pai Island Resort

If you love luxury Pai Island Resort is the place to be! With stunning suites designed to relax and enjoy yourself have a bohemian feel, an outdoor bathtub and mesmerising gardens. The bright and airy vibe is real!

Unique tasteful hotel with luxurious flaire! The warm outdoor bathtub was heavenly!!! Very nice and helpful staff! Breakfast very tasteful! A beautiful experience!

Zeljka (CH) Booking.com review

Puri Pai Villa

If you are someone who loves to relax and stare at a beautiful view all day, you will certainly enjoy a stay at Puri Pai Villa. These gorgeous villas are surrounded by immense panoramic views of surrounding mountains. Moreover, are designed so well they will make you feel like you never want to leave.  Everything is thought out carefully with the guest in mind, making this an extremely nice place to stay in Pai.

The hotel itself was pure zen and the villas where amazing like nowhere I have ever stayed before great place to wind down rent a bike and explore pai one of our favorite places on our trip

Jade (IR), Booking.com review

3. Things To Do In Pai, Thailand

Pai Canyon

Pai Canyon is an area where constant erosion from wind and rain has worn out incredible rock formations. The top of the canyon makes the perfect place to enjoy the impressive 360 view over this landscape of Pai, Thailand.   

From Pai it is only a 15 minute drive by motorbike to reach the canyon. Park your motorbike at the entrance and walk up the stairs to reach the viewpoint.  

Keep in mind that this Canyon has very deep ravines and only small, sandy paths. Be careful, do not take any risks and wear decent shoes. 

Visiting Pai Canyon is free of cost and you can visit 24hrs a day. Personally, I highly recommend you to go there before 10 a.m. in the morning. Later in the day there are many people and it can become too hot. 

Moreover, Pai Canyon is a popular spot to watch the sunset between 5 and 6 p.m.. However, this get’s very crowded. Instead go and watch the sunrise. Then you can truly enjoy the beauty of this landscape. 

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Bamboo Bridge

The second must do in Pai is the bamboo bridge, the longest bamboo bridge in Thailand, with over 1 km in length. When you walk over this bridge, you walk through a beautiful rice field with many different levels and a breathtaking backdrop of mountains surrounding the valley. 

See first hand what it’s like to work in one of these rice fields and how the bisons are used to plow the fields. 

In front of the bamboo bridge there is a parking area where you pay a small fee of 30 bath enter the rice field.

The best time to visit this bamboo bridge is during the rainy season (between July and November), because then it is very lush and green. During the dry season you can expect to find an orange / brown view, because no rice is grown during that time. Nevertheless this view is beautiful due to the mountains in the background. 

Tip ➳ Visit The Chiang Mai Area For More Gorgeous Rice Fields

Drone Bamboo bridge in Pai, North of Thailand

Walking Street In Pai, Thailand

During the day Pai is a calm and relaxing village. But in the evening the centre of Pai is completely transformed. The streets are filled with street food, bars and music. 

The walking street in Pai is the perfect place to try out the Thai cuisine. Streed food is served in small portions for about €1. So you can try everything you want. 

Often you are allowed to bring your street food into the bars, as long as you order some drinks. Here you can play games, like pool and Yenga, enjoy some amazing music and great food and drinks. Plus meet new people, as it is backpackers paradise. 

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Pam Bok Waterfall

About 5 minutes drive from the bamboo bridge is the Pam Bok Waterfall. The waterfall itself is relatively small and close to the road where you can park you scooter. During the rain season this waterfall is a great spot to relax, swim and cool off in the afternoon. BUT if you are visiting in the dry season there is not much to see or water to relax in.

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