3X Gorgeous Flower Decorations in London

3X Gorgeous Flower Decorations in London

London is a very colourful city, as many shops and pubs decorate their buildings with flowers! These gorgeous flower decorations in the city of London are one of those “must see” items you should add to your itinerary! Therefore, I’ve listed 3 of the most beautiful flower decorations below. ?

  1. Mr fogg’s tavern
  2. Crown and Anchor
  3. Churchill’s arms 

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Mr fogg’s tavern

In the heart of Covent Garden there is a tavern decorated in the theme of Phileas Fogg the Explorer.  Phileas J Fogg was an Explorer in the 19th century that journeyed around the World. In a bet he said he could complete the journey in 80 days, and so he did. The inside of the tavern is decorated with wood and attributes hanging from the ceiling, like miniature ships and stargazers. 

The outside has a dark wooden exterior, covered with colourful flowers. This pub is especially known for the flowers surrounding the entrance, creating a gateway of flowers. 

This traditional victorian tavern has a very cosy feel about it and creates the perfect photography opportunity. Every seasons the flowers are changed to a different repertoire, making this all year round a great and refreshing spot. 

➳ Check out the cafe here.  

Crown and Anchor

Another pub in Covent Garden is Crown and Anchor. This pub is also decorated with flowers, but has an entirely different look. The ground level of the building has a darkish red colour, and the first and second floor have brick walls. This pub is decorated with flowers all along the walls and surrounding the windows. 

Crowns and Anchor is a more traditional pub with a wide variety of beers and a homemade pub food. The convenient location close to subway station Covert Garden makes this a fun spot to enjoy a nice dinner or lunch.

➳ Check out the cafe here.  

The Churchill arms 

On the other side of London, in Notting Hill you will find yet another colourful pub, called the Churchill’s Arms. This pub was built in the 18th century. During this time the Churchill’s family visited the pub on a regular basis, hence the name Churchill arms. 

When you first lay eyes on the pub you will see an oasis of flowers. It feels like the entire building is a garden. It is covered with lush greenery and many different coloured flowers. The wild flower display has made quite a name for itself in Notting Hill. 

➳ Check out the cafe here.

It’s time to book that flight to London and see those beautiful flower facades for yourself! Which one is your favourite?

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