Burg Eltz – a Fairytale Castle Day-Trip in Germany,

Burg Eltz – a Fairytale Castle Day-Trip in Germany

Along the Moezel, in Germany there are many beautiful castles. And one of those is Burg Eltz. It feels like a Harry Potter mixed with Game of Thrones movie scene! Burg Eltz makes the perfect day-trip in Germany. 

  1. Why should I go there? 
  2. How to get there?
  3. What can I expect?
  4. Guided tour
  5. Fun facts

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1. Why should I go to Burg Eltz? 

Burg Eltz is over 850 years old and with age, comes wisdom and many tails. But there is something better: The architecture. There are 8 towers of over 35 meters in height, with many pointy roofs and bay windows. And don’t forget all the white and red details that complete is all. 

Another thing that makes this castle worth your while is the location. Burg Eltz is located on a 70 m high rock in the centre of valley along the Moezel. Making this castle surrounded by a wonderful and very green nature area.

Burg Eltz Castle in Germany in the woods

2. How to get to Burg Eltz?

On Google Maps you can type in “Burg Eltz”  and this gives you a perfect route to get there. I advise you to go by car, as you can also enjoy other villages when you are in the area. 

When you arrive at Burg Eltz there are is a parking area. For only 2 euros you can park your car there for the entire day and there is a bus that drives you down, into the valley. This bus costs 2 euros per person per trip. 

Besides the bus, you can also walk down from the parking area to the castle. This walk over the road takes a little less than 10 minutes. Along this road there is a viewpoint where you can see the castle laying in the valley. This view is very impressive! 

You can also take the walking route though the forest, exploring more of the surrounding of Burg Eltz. 

Sunny day burg eltz

3. What can I expect?

At the start of your day-trip you arrive at the bridge in front of Burg Eltz. Here you can already see how big this castle really is. You walk the bridge, walk through the gate and you’ll arrive at a square in front of the castle. Here you can buy your entrance tickets. 

For an adult the ticket costs 10 euros. A guided tour and the museum are both included in this ticket and there are 2 super cute restaurants you can visit as well. If you are a student, don’t forget your student card, as you get a 3,50 euro discount on your entrance ticket.

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restaurant in Burg Eltz

After you’ve bought your tickets you can go up into the castle. You need walk past the first restaurant and climb a set of stairs. You will arrive in a hall, from which you can enter the museum and the central square.

The central square gives you a wonderful perspective on the different residences in the castle. When you stand in the middle of this square and look up, you can see the 8 different towers. They are all build in a different style, as this castle took over 500 years to complete. This is what making this square really beautiful, a complementary mix of styles. 

I especially love the white and red details. And don’t forget the dark, stone walls with the rough textures. This combination gives you the feeling you are in a different time. 

View from Burg Eltz square

In the museum you can look around and learn about the different weapons, clothes, porcelain and jewellery that was used in Burg Eltz over the past centuries. 

It is wonderful to see how much effort was put into making the more luxurious items. It fascinates me that centuries ago, they could already make such finely detailed pieces. 

One thing that is really remarkable, is that this castle has always remained in tact due to the family politics and diplomacy. That makes this castle even more special, since the castle is still the same as it was many centuries ago. 

4. Guided tour

You can only see the inside of Burg Eltz with a guide. Every 15 minutes an English tour starts, and every 10 minutes a German tour starts from the main square. During this 40 minute tour you’ll be guided through the most impressive rooms of the castle. You’ll learn about the history that took place there and see how people used to live here in the middle ages. This tour makes this Burg Eltz day-trip every informative.

The rooms are renovated in a wonderful manner, making the them even more impressive. You’ll visited the armoury, a dining room, multiple bedrooms, the trophy room and many more. 

During the tour you have many opportunities to ask questions and the guides are very friendly and well-trained in the English language. 

After this tour I would advice you to go and enjoy a cup of coffee and some delicious German food in one of the 2 restaurants. They both have a wonderful view and lovely (well-priced) food. 

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Burg Eltz on cloudy day

5. Fun facts

Now you know all about what to expect from Burg Eltz, here are some fun facts about the castle to reveal a little bit more about the history. 

  • The construction of Burg Eltz took almost 5 centuries to complete, from the 8th until the 13th century. The most important time for the construction was between the 11th and 13th century, as it was the Hohenstaufen-dynasty. In this time Burg Eltz made its debut in the history books. 
  • Burg Eltz was used as a home for different branches of the Eltz family since the year 1268. Every branch of the family lived I a separate area in the castle, hence the towers. 
  • The Eltz family was in the 17th century the most influential family in Germany. Among many influential members was an Arch Chancellor of the Holy Roman Kingdom of Germination. The Arch chancellor was after the emperor, the most powerful person in the kingdom. 
  • In the 19th century the Duke Karl zu Eltz organised the restoration of Burg Eltz. This restoration project had a budget of 18400 Mark, which is about 15 million euros. Thanks to this renovation the castle in such great shape.

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Girl in orange dress standing in front of Burg Eltz castle

I hope this information helped you plan your trip. It is a wonderful castle to visit! More Europe Inspiration? Have a peak at these blogs:

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Day trip to Burg Eltz
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