3-Day Itinerary For The Mosel Valley Germany

3-Day Itinerary For The Mosel Valley Germany

Germany is an amazing country with beautiful nature, castles and cute villages. Espcecially along the Mosel Valley in Germany you will find just that! Therefore, the Mosel Valley makes the perfect destination for a 3-day camping trip in Germany. 

  1. Camping
  2. Burg Eltz
  3. Cochem
  4. Geiyerlay Bridge

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3 day mosel valley germany itinerary

Camping Along Mosel Valley Germany

On the first day of this 3-day adventure it’s the plan to drive to Germany, arrive on your camping and unpack. Along the River Mosel there are many little campings where you can stay the night.

camping along the moezel germany

Enjoy exploring the camping and the village where you’re at. After this it’s time to do some groceries, cook dinner and play games and watch a wonderful sunset.

When you wake up, you can enjoy the wonderful view over the river and you can even spot some castles, as this area is know for its many castles. So keep your eyes open! There was even one across from our camping.

Pro Tip ➳ Don’t want to go camping? Check out this lovely hotel along the Mosel.

moezel river in germnay
View camping along the mosel valley germany

Visit Burg Eltz

On the second day of this trip it’s time to see one of the most impressive castles along the Mosel river valley: Burg Eltz. Burg Eltz is wonderful 850 year old midivil castle, located in a green valley.

With its robust stones, 7 towers and red details, this incredible castle will make you feel like you are in a Harry Potter movie.  

Walk around the wood surrounding the castle, take a guided tour and feeling like a princess, strolling though the different rooms.

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View from Burg Eltz square

Cochem, The Cutest Village Along Mosel Valley In Germany

After a morning visit to Burg Eltz it’s time for a lovely lunch. Cochem is a really cute village, and the perfect spot to enjoy the German kitchen. 

Cochem is a smashing village directly on the banks of the Mosel, surrounded by vineyards and hiking trails. But besides the wonderful surroundings, the village of Cochem itself is also very nice.

The center of the villages takes you back to the midivil times, with the narrow streets, colourful wooden houses, slate roofs, town gates and a wonderful town square.

Wander around the town and sit down for a German lunch, and don’t forget to try the famous Riesling wines which is made in the area.

Along the Mosel there is a nice walking path, decorated with flowers and benches. And from here you can see the pristine Rechsburg castle, the main landmark of Cochem. Take a boat trip or a walking tour to get to know this diverse village.

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Geiyerlay Bridge

The Geierlay Bridge is one of the longest suspended walking bridges in Europe. With over 360 meters in length and 100 m in height, this bridge is a must see attraction in Germany. As the last highlight of this 3-day camping trip the Geierlay bridge is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy a nice hike.

Sniff up the clean air, see how far you can look and enjoy the green natural environment. The thick forests surrounding the bridge make this places even more special, as you would never expect there to be a huge suspended bridge!

Since 2015 the Geierlay Bridge connects the villages of Mörsdorf and Sosberg. The bridge is part of a wonderful hiking trail through the German greens. And since it opened, the bridge has had over 300.000 visitors.

For people with a fear of heights, this might not be your favourite attraction as the bridge is very high and is a bit shaky. But is definitely a special experience with a spectacular view!

You can park your car in Mörsdorf and walk 1,8 km (about 20 minutes) to get to the suspended bridge. The Geierlay bridge on itself is free of cost, the only thing you need to pay is the parking. Also, at the bridge there are no shops or bathrooms, so make sure to bring some snacks and go to the bathroom before you start walking.

Tip ➳ Also Visit The Neuschwanstein Castle In Germany

Bonus: Grain Fields

If you visit the Mosel Valley in Germany you are going to be driving through a very beautiful country side. Skip the main highway and drive through the cutest little villages, and let yourself be surprised by what you find! Like grain fields as far as the eyes can see.

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