Burano: The Rainbow Day-Trip From Venice

Burano is the colourful island next to Venice in Italy. This island is famous for its beautiful canals and the bright coloured houses surrounding them. Burano makes the perfect day-trip from Venice! So, read all about this awesome day-trip right now.

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Burano: The Rainbow Day-Trip From Venice

Why You Need To Visit Burano

Want to know why you need to visit Burano? It’s because the sight of this village immediately puts a smile on your face! This little rainbow-island has a unique and cozy vibe, almost like you are transported into a movie scene from Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.

The atmosphere in Burano is completely different compared to the busy streets of Venice. Therefore, it is the perfect location to spend your day in a relaxed way. Wander about the streets and continuously let yourself be surprised by colour every corner you turn.

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How To Get There

In order to get to Burano you will have to take a water taxi from the centre of Venice. Whether you take water taxi from Piazzale Roma (the large bus-station and train-station) or somewhere else in Venice is completely up to you as there are multiple spots to get on the water taxi.

The quickest way to get to Burano is to take water taxi line 3 to Murano. And from Murano, take water taxi line 12 to Burano.

Buy tickets your for the water taxi at Piazzale Roma. In total you have to get 2 water taxis, 2 in total one way and 2 to return. I highly advice you to buy a full-day pass for €20 per person. This day-pass is cheaper than buying separate tickets and it is convenient not having to buy a single ticket every time you step on a water-taxi.

To get back to Piazzale Roma you need line 12 back to Murano and from there you can either take line 4.2 or 5.1.

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What To Expect From Burano

When you step off the water-taxi you can already spot the first colourful houses. Walk into any street and you will be hit with a rainbow of colours! Every house in Burano has a bright colour and the people who live there really have made an effort out of making their house stand out with little details.

Along the canals there are small restaurants serving local dishes. These are perfect for a Spritz Aperol and a lovely lunch. Furthermore, there are little lace and soap shops.

Watch the fisher boats in the canal, shop for a cute souvenir and enjoy a cocktail on the terrace. Burano is very small and in a few hours you have seen the entire island, but every minute on this island is a rainbow party.

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