Lake Sorapis, Dolomites Hiking Treasure!

Lake sorapis is a true natural treasure in the Dolomites. The lake is embedded high up in the rough exterior of the mountains. But what makes this lake stand out the most is the incredible “photoshopped blue” water. Personally, I thought it was a scam because water cannot really be that bright, right?! Well it turns out, it can!

If you love mountain views, hiking and the color blue than lake Sorapis definitely needs a spot on your Dolomites bucket list.

  1. Why you need to visit Lake Sorapis
  2. How to get to Lake Sorapis
  3. What to expect from the hike
  4. The rewarding views
  5. Hiking gear needed

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Lake Sorapis, Dolomites Hiking Treasure!

Why You Need To Visit Lake Sorapis

To recap why you need to visit Lake Sorapis I’ve made a little list:

  • Beautiful bright blue water! 
  • The lake is embedded in between the mountains. You would never expect there to be a lake.
  • Breathtaking views over the Dolomites
  • Cool hiking route
  • Great workout
Lake Sorapis, Dolomites Hiking Treasure!

How To Get To Lake Sorapis

Going to visit Lake Sorapis consists of two part. The first is easy, and the second part is a fun challenge as the hike towards the lake is not easy.

 The lake is very popular among Italians and expect there to be others who are looking to do the hike to lake Sorapis. In the Dolomites early means EARLY. So, I’d advise you to start practicing being an early bird, because almost anywhere in the Dolomites it is best to be there at least before 8 am. After 8 the parking areas will fill up and the trail will start to be crowded. 

First, park your car at Parcheggio per Sorapis. This parking area is free and close to the starting point of the trail. Grab your hiking gear and start part 2: the hike.

The challenge of visiting lake Sorapis is the hike towards it. This hike is about 2/2,5 hours and 7 km in length. The trail has large differences in height, climbing up to the lake. Do not underestimate this hike. It takes a lot of energy to get there. But who doesn’t love a challenge ;). And the reward of seeing the lake after makes it even better.

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What To Expect From The Hike

  • ~14 km in total
  • 5 hours hiking
  • Medium/hard trail difficulty 
  • Big differences in height, max 725 m in difference
  • Slippery sometimes
  • Steep edges
  • Beautiful views of the surroundings
  • A lot of sweat that is all worth it in the end

The Rewarding Views

After a sweaty 2,5 hours you can spot the blue water from lake Sorapis and you did it! Time for a snack and a drink.

Most people sit down at the first sight of the lake. But highly recommend you to walk to the right, along the side of the lake. There is a little beach, perfect for a picnic! Another great spot is on the opposite side of the arrival point of the lake. Walk to the right, past the beach and continue walking alongside the lake. The further you go , the less people. I always love this because with a little extra effort if feels like you’ve got the place to yourself.

Hiking Gear Needed

The hike to Lake Sorapis is not a piece of cake. Therefore, I highly recommend to you to bring the following:

  • Hiking shoes
  • Small backpack
  • Shorts/long pants 
  • Rainjacket
  • Enough Water
  • Snacks
  • Blister bandaids
  • Hiking poles (optional)
  • Blanket to sit on (optional)

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