10X Weird Habits Dutch People Have (+ Bonus)

10X Weird Habits Dutch People Have

The Dutch are not like any other people. They play with fireworks, live for everything that is free and live sugar rush. In other words, the dutch people are unique in their kind??! Discover 10X weird habits the Dutch people have.

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10 x Weird Habits Dutch People Have (+ Bonus)

Dutch People LOVE Free Things!

Dutch people are very fond of everything that is free. They are shameless in accepting free goodies. 

Many shops in the Netherlands offer free test samples in order to get more sales. But what you might not expect, is that many Dutch people, go in and try everything and I mean everything! But don’t think they’ll be buying anything?. Because the love for free stuff goes hand in hand with a being frugal with their money. 

If you want to lure Dutch people, give them something for free?. (Also a great trick to make friends)

Being Blunt and Speak Your Mind

In other countries the Dutch people are considered rude because they are used to speaking their mind. When you ask for a Dutchie’s opinion, expect to get a real and honest answer that is not decorated with all kind of fuzzy words.

Personally I find this very nice as I don’t consider it as rude, but just brutally honest. Which in my opinion is always better than somebody who makes something sound better than it is. We can learn from this honest feedback?.

Pro Tip ➳ Visit Zeeland in The Netherlands, a place with beautiful beaches and people who are even more blunt compared to the rest of the Netherlands.

The Dutch People Go Everywhere By Bike

The main form of transportation, in cities especially, is by bike. When you are in the Netherlands, you will see bikes all around you. 

The entire country is designed for bike riding. If you learn it once, you will never forget how to do it. Hence the Dutch saying “It’s like riding a bike.”.

Participate in the Dutch culture and rent a bike yourself. But do be careful, and make sure you only cycle on the cycle paths.

Kiss Everyone

When you are meeting someone for the first time in an informal situation it is normal to greet each other with three kisses on the cheeks. Or when you haven’t seen someone in a long time. Or just when you are seeing a friend. Or when you are congratulating someone. Or when you are saying goodbye. Or….  Yup you get the point.  Dutch people like to kiss each other on the cheeks. 

So if you want to blend in don’t hesitate, and just start kissing those cheeks.

P.S. Sometimes this get awkward. Imagine that you are giving a colleague 3 kisses at a Christmas party and you both accidentally start and the same side. Woops! 

3x dutch kisses

Ignore Alarms

Dutchies are very familiar with regular drills. Universities, elementary schools, office buildings, supermarkets and other public buildings are obligated to do a set of unexpected fire drills every year. 

Furthermore, on the 1st Monday of the month at 12 a.m. an air raid alarm goes off in the entire country to test the system if a national crisis occurs. And then we have the alarm text service NL Alert, which will make your phone scream every time they send out a message. 

In other words, alarms are not so alarming anymore to the Dutch people. In other countries when an alarm goes off everybody runs outside. But in the Netherlands everybody just stays put, checks their phone if somethings is really happening and carries on with whatever they’re doing.

Many Dutch People Play With Explosives During New Years

Throughout the year, the Dutch people are calm and “normal”, as the saying goes “doe maar normaal, dan doe je al gek genoeg”  or “act normal, because then you’re already crazy enough”. 

But during New Years the entire country will be turned upside down. Illegal fireworks is being smuggled from Germany (and Belgium) into the Netherlands. Illegal fireworks like a cobra, has the same fire power as a hand grenade?. 

So, on New Years the Dutch People are partying like crazy, and casually playing with hand grenades for a wild 24-hours. Resulting in millions upon millions of damages. 

When you sum this up it all sounds terrible and kind of scary, but in the Netherlands is as normal as riding your bike to work and eating chocolate sprinkles for breakfast.

Watch this video to get a better view of what New Years in the Netherlands is like ↡

Dutch People Live On a Chocolate High

It is perfectly normal in The Netherlands to start the day with a ton of chocolate. Most people know chocolate sprinkles as cupcake decorations, but in the Dutch people take this a lot more serious and eat it in the morning and the afternoon on a regular basis.  

A typical Dutch breakfast is a slice of bread with butter and chocolate sprinkles. This goes for children, but also for grown-ups. Everybody in the Netherlands loves their chocolate.

In the supermarket you will find the chocolate sprinkles in all shapes, sizes and colours. Imagine a section of 2 metres in height and 4 metres in width, all with different kinds of chocolate sprinkles. Well, that’s what a typical Dutch supermarket looks like?.

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Chocolate sprinkles, breakfast in the Netherlands

Sit In An Awkward Party Circle

When it’s party time in the Netherlands and you’re celebrating someones birthday with the family, you will come across the infamous party circle. The party circle entails a bunch of chairs, organised in a big circle, and you’ll sit like that for the entire party.

People will off-course switch seats and get something to drink. But the majority of the time is spend sitting down and chatting in this “party circle” formation.

Eat Kapsalon After Parties

After a night out in the town, drinking, dancing and partying, you are going to be hungry! When you go out in the Netherlands ask a snackbar for a kapsalon. A kapsalon is a dish with a ton of meat, fries and a little salad, drained in garlic sauce, served in a tin tub with everything stacked on top of each other. Definitely a delicious meal after a good party! 

Nevertheless, it’s not your healthiest options as an average kapsalon contains 1800 kcal?.

Time Sensitivity

Punctuality is part of the Dutch culture.  If you have a meeting at 10 a.m., you have a meeting at 10 a.m.. If your bus ticket says your bus leaves at 3 p.m., It will leave at 3 p.m.. 

Being late is considered rude. For example, at some universities you are not even allowed into class anymore when you’re not on time. So, put a watch on and practice your time management.

Bonus: Weird Dutch Expression

Dutch Sayings: Mierenneuker - Ant Fucker

You are an ant fucker! –> Je bent een mierenneuker!

Translation: Mierenneuker

Meaning: Someone who is very precise.

Learn More ➳ 35x Weird Dutch Sayings & Expressions

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