35x Funny Dutch Sayings & Expressions

35x Funny Dutch Sayings & Expressions

The Dutch language is a hard one to learn, and is a bit strange here and there. Especially when you translate Dutch sayings and expressions to English! Discover the 35X most funny Dutch sayings and expressions right now.

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35x funny dutch sayings &.expressions

Let them smell a poopie

Translation: Laat ze een poepie ruiken.

Meaning: Show them how it is done.

An angel is peeing over my tongue

Translation: Er piest een engeltje over mijn tong.

Meaning: This tastes very good.

Unfortunately peanut butter!

Translation: Helaas pindakaas!

Meaning: Too bad.

Chicken skin

Translation: Kippenvel

Meaning: The bumps on your skin when you’re cold.

A whistle of a cent

Translation: Een fluitje van een cent.

Meaning: It’s very easy.

Walking on eggs

Translation: Op eieren lopen.

Meaning: Handeling things carefully.

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Dutch Sayings: Walking on eggs (op eieren lopen)

Smelly rich

Translation: Stinkend rijk.

Meaning: Being very rich.

Throwing money over the beam

Translation: Geld over de balk gooien.

Meaning: Spending money without thinking or wasting money.

A bean comes for his salary

Translation: Boontje komt om zijn loontje.

Meaning: It’s his own fault.

Adding butter to the fish

Translation: Boter bij de vis doen.

Meaning: Paying cash on delivery.

Mopping with an open tab

Translation: Dweilen met de kraan open. 

Meaning: Doing something without it having any effect.

It is written on his stomach

Translation: Dat is hem op zijn buik geschreven.

Meaning: He is perfect for that job.

Make your chest wet

Translation: Maak je borsten maar nat.

Meaning: Prepare yourself for a big task.

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dutch sayings Make your chest wet (maak je borst maar nat)

When there is a will there’s a road

Translation: Waar een wil is ben ik weg.

Meaning: If you really want something, there is always a way to achieve your goal.

Going with the chickens on a stick

Translation: Met de kippen op stok gaan.

Meaning: Going to bed early.

You shouldn’t look a given horse into his mouth

Translation: Je moet een gegeven paard niet in de bek kijken.

Meaning: You cannot complain about something that has been given to you for free.

Being sent from the closet to the wall

Translation: Je wordt van het kastje naar de muur gestuurd.

Meaning: Being send from one place to the next, without actually helping.

A child can do the laundry

Translation: Een kind kan de was doen.

Meaning: It is very easy to do.

Gluing someone behind the wallpaper

Translation: Iemand achter het behang plakken.

Meaning: Finding someone very annoying.

Before the singing the church out

Translation: Voor het zingen de kerk uit gaan.

Meaning: Coitus interruptus

Ant Fucker

Translation: Mierenneuker

Meaning: Someone who is very precise.

Dutch Sayings: Mierenneuker - Ant Fucker

Keeping someone under your thumb

Translation: Iemand onder de duim houden.

Meaning: Controlling someone.

The love of a man goes through his stomach

Translation: De liefde van de man gaat door de maag.

Meaning: The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

He talks with a potato in his mouth

Translation: Hij praat met een aardappel in zijn mond.

Meaning: He talks in a very posh manner.

The stupidest farmers have the thickest potatoes

Translation: De domste boeren hebben de dikste aardappels.

Meaning: Luck often happens to the people with the least knowledge.

Your nose is growing

Translation: Je neus groet.

Meaning: You are lying.

It’s raining steal pipes

Translation: het regent pijpenstelen

Meaning: It’s raining very hard.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

Translation: De appel valt niet ver van de boom.

Meaning: The children are like their parents.

Make that the cat wise

Translation: Maak dat de kat wijs.

Meaning: I don’t believe a thing of what you’re saying.

I’m diving into my nest

Translation: Ik duik mijn nest in

Meaning: I’m going to bed.

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Diving Into My Nest (Duik In mijn nest)

The monkey comes out of the sleeve.

Translation: De aap komt uit de mouw. 

Meaning: The situation becoming clear in an instant.

The mice are dancing on the table when the cat is not home

Translation: De muizen dansen op tafel als de kat van huis is.

Meaning: When there is no supervision, people do whatever they want.

Hands out of your sleeves

Translation: Handen uit de mouwen.

Meaning: Let’s start to work.

I’m monkey proud of you.

Translation: Ik ben ape trots op je. 

Meaning: I’m very proud of you.

East, West, Home Best

Translation: Oost, west, thuis best.

Meaning: There is no place like home.

It sits well Moustache

Translation: Het zit wel snor.

Meaning: I have faith things will be allright.

Bonus Dutch Saying: On that bike

Translation: Op die fiets.

Meaning: In that way.

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