7X Photography Spots In Vlissingen, Zeeland

Vlissingen in one of those underestimated or forgotten cities in Zeeland and the Netherlands. However, even though Vlissingen is mainly recently build, it still houses incredibly beautiful places. Discover the most beautiful (photography) spots in Vlissingen, Zeeland with this guide.

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7X Photography Spots In Vlissingen, Zeeland

1. Oranjemolen

The first dreamy photography spot you need to see for yourself is the Oranjemolen. This windmill is located on a dyke with on one side the Western Scheldt and on the other side a view over Vlissingen, Zeeland.

The windmill is no longer in use but it still gives a beautiful authentic view. Take the scenic route and walk along the boulevard, past the Michiel De Ruyter statue. You will end up in the centre of Vlissingen where you can walk past the marina in order to reach the windmill.

Tip: The Oranjemolen is one of the landmarks in Vlissingen Zeeland you can spot from afar because of its high position.

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2. Bellamypark

Bellamypark is well-known in Vlissingen for its bars, cafes, nightlife and restaurants. In the centre of Vlissingen this is the place to be if you want to enjoy a beer on a terrace or have a bite to eat.
Besides the fun vibe on the Bellamypark, it is also pretty beautiful. The park is surrounded my colourful houses and the marina is around the corner.

3. Michiel De Ruijter Marina

Next to Bellamypark is a little marina called the Michiel De Ruijter Marina. This marina looks cozy because it’s small size. Moreover, there are only small sail and motorboats in the marina. Get some kibbeling (one of the Dutch foods you need to try) at the stand next to the marina and look around which boat you like the best. This little marina is directly connected to the Western Scheldt by means of a sluice.

Fun fact ➳ Frequently you can spot seals in and around the sluis to the marina.

4. Groenewoud Plein In The Centre Of Vlissingen, Zeeland

You might have noticed there are quite a few squares in the centre of Vlissingen, Zeeland. And this photography tip is jet another square haha! But this square is unique because of its lovely symmetry. On the Groenewoud Plein there are 3 pointy houses in a row which have a modern but sweet feel about them. Plus the square is framed with a green tree row/hedge. The houses are relatively new but I love how they are build in the “old style” and how OCD approved it looks in terms of symmetry.

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5. Nollestrand Cabins

Around Vlissingen there are 3 beaches: the boulevard beach, the nollebeach and the dishoek beach. On both the Nolle Beach and the Dishoek beach there are cute beach cabins you can rent as a summer home. My favourites are the little rainbow cabins on the Nolle Beach. They create this super cute feel of the place and it immedately puts a smile on your face looking at them.

In the past all the vacation cabins on the Nolle Beach were these little rainbow houses. However, now they slowly start to build larger and more modern beach cabins. So you have to be quick to see the colourful cabins on the Nolle Beach.

6. Sint Jacobskerk Van Vlissingen, Zeeland

In the heart of Vlissingen is the Sint Jacobskerk, which is a small church surrounded by colourful houses. From different perspectives in Vlissingen you can spot the tower of this church. My favourite view on the Sint Jacobskerk is from the little square behind the Hema called the Oude Markt or Old Market. On this little square there are restaurants with terraces looking up to the bell tower. The architecture is not as spectacular as in Middelburg, but it is still beautiful.

7. The Dunes At Dishoek (The Prettiest Dunes In Vlissingen, Zeeland)

By farrrr my favourite spot in Vlissingen are the dunes at Dishoek (this is because I am obsessed with the beach haha). On the beaches close to the centre of Vlissingen you will find many people wandering about. But when you want a quiet nice place to yourself I recommend you to walk towards Dishoek. Bring a bottle of wine, a blanket to sit on, a book to read and enjoy a lovely evening listening to the sound of the crashing waves.

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