Vlissingen, A Perfect Weekend In Zeeland!

Vlissingen is one of those perfect weekend destinations in the Netherlands. This small city has a lot to offer, like the beach, a little marina, cute cafes and don’t forget the happy and relaxed feel of it. The past 6 years I’ve lived in Vlissingen and explored all over Zeeland. So, let me show you what a perfect weekend in Vlissingen looks like through the eyes of a local. 

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A Perfect Weekend In Vlissingen, Zeeland

Day 1 In Vlissingen

On the first day in this 2-day weekend in Vlissingen it is key to relax and pamper yourself. Start the day slowly and get to know the city centre of Vlissingen. 

Yoga On The Beach

Start this weekend off with some relaxing yoga on the beach! Step onto the sand and stretch yourself out. Let go of all your stress and clear your head.

You can do beach yoga by yourself, or you could join a class. For 10 euros you can join a yoga class on the beach at Kontiki Beach, a beach club in Vlissingen.  During the class you get instructions and a nice cup of tea after. Check out the schedule of the yoga classes here.

beach sunset in dunes zeeland

Take A Dip In The Sea

After your yoga session it’s amazing to jump in the sea. The water is really refreshing and make you feel alive! Stroll back along to beach and jump in one of the beach showers to rinse off the salt.

Tip ➳ Bring a reusable bottle and fill it with water at one of the beach showers. This water is cold and great quality.

Go Shopping And Explore The Centre Of Vlissingen

In Dutch we have a saying “klein maar fijn” and that’s exactly what the centre of Vlissingen is, small but nice. In the centre you will find all kind of cute little shops, cafes and restaurants. Get some ice cream and wander about the streets. Bellamy park has all kinds of cute colourful houses, walk by the mill and check out the little marina. 

My favourite stores in Vlissingen are:

Have a Kibbeling Dinner

Along the boulevard there are some snack bars with sell the golden globe of Dutch food: Kibbeling. Kibbeling is fried fish and has a crusty layer around it. Give this yummy fish dish a try and trust me, you will love it!

Pro Tip ➳ Ask for remoulade sauce with your kibbeling. 

Kibbeling Tip 2 ➳ On Friday there is a market in the centre of Vlissingen where they have 2 or 3 fish stands. This market is also a great place to get a plate of kibbeling 🐠.

kibbeling zeeland things to do dutch food

Day 2 In Vlissingen

The second day in Vlissingen is a fun beach day! The slogan of Vlissingen is literally “city at sea” so we definitely cannot miss the beach. Get ready for a lot of sun, sand and salt, and pack your beach bag. 

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Get Your Breakfast At Bliek

Bliek is a delicious bakery in Zeeland. There are several Bliek bakeries all but my favourite is Bliek Meesterbakkers.  Order some bolussen (the traditional Zeeuwse pastry) or try a saucijzen broodje, which is a sausage baked in dough. Pick up your breakfast and enjoy it in your airbnb of take it with you for a beach brekkie.

Enjoy A Morning Walk Along The Beach

The beach is for sure my favourite place in Vlissingen. So while you’re here, best to enjoy it to the fullest. That’s why after breakfast it’s time for a morning walk along the beach. Dip your toes in the sand and breath in the salty air. I love going on morning walk because it really calms you down and lets you start the day fresh and filled with positive energy. 

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Do A La Bella Cucina Picnic

From the beach you can walk straight into the city centre of Vlissingen. Pick up a picnic basket from La Bella Cucina and take it with you. Either walk to the windmill or back to the beach to enjoy this super tasty lunch while watching the waves hit the beach. 

La Bella Cucina is a restaurant and shop filled with Italian goodies, food and also fun table wear! So, if you’re looking for a souvenir, have a look around. The picnic basket contains Italian sandwiches, pasta, fruit, drinks and Italian pastries. Yummy! We ordered this picnic basket a day in advance.

Beach Chillings!

After a great lunch you might have a little food dip and what better place to enjoy your food baby than the beach! Have a nap, play beach tennis or soccer and go for a swim.

The beach in front of the boulevard of Vlissingen is always packed with people, so my advice is to go to the Nolle beach or the beach next to that one. More fun things to do on the beach is build little dams, a sand castle or make sand poops by letting wet sand drip from your hands💩.

Tip ➳ Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, an umbrella and a shirt to cover yourself up to prevent getting sunburned. 

Pick Out Your Dream Beach House

Walk along the shoreline to Dishoek and checkout all the cute beach houses. They all differ in shapes, sizes and colour, which looks super cute! Pick out your dream beach cabin while you are walking along the beach. In the meantime you could collect shells and take a dip in the sea. 

Have Dinner At The Panta Rhei

In Vlissingen the best place to go to Dinner is the Panta Rhei. The food is delicious and the view is spectacular!

When we go out for dinner here I alway take the fish stew or the chicken teriyaki salad because they are sooo good! And don’t forget to try the apple pie. You have never tasted a better Dutch apple pie in your life. 

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Watch The Sunset On The Beach Of Vlissingen

To close off this perfect weekend in Vlissingen I highly recommend you to watch the sunset. Get comfy, grab a glass of wine and watch the sun sink in the North Sea. My favourite place to watch the sunset is on the Nolle Beach, here you will see the sunset the longest in Vlissingen. This is next to the Panta Rhei so you can roll after dinner onto the beach and watch this romantic sunset. 

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