7X Top Photography Spots In Venice Italy

Venice is for sure one of the prettiest cities in Italy. The canals remind me a bit of Amsterdam, but in a way, more Casanova feels about it. Discover the most beautiful photo spots in Venice right now! P.S. There is a map at the end.

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Bridge Of Sighs

Because of the many canals, there are numerous bridges in the center of Venice. The most beautiful of these bridges is the bridge of sighs. This connects the Doge palace with the prison of Venice, Italy. When walking this hallway the prisoners had their last look at Venice through the little windows before ending up in jail or being executed. The sculpted faces on the bridge show the emotion of the prisoners who walked this last stretch of freedom.

I know this sounds gruesome, but the bridge in itself is beautiful because it rises high above the canal and because it is completely white. The best place to admire the bridge of sighs is from either of the bridges next to it, which are the Ponte Della Paglia close to the grand canal or the bridge further up Rio Del Palazzo.

Porta Della Carta On San Marco

The famous San Marco square is a hotspot for beautiful photography in Venice, Italy. This also includes the Porta Della Carta. It can be found between the basilisk of San Marco and the Palazzo Ducale. The Porta Della Carta is a majestic entrance door that has been made of carved marble. One of the most remarkable aspects of the Porta Della Carta is the Lion of San Marco and the Doge Foscari kneeling, which can easily be seen above the entrance.

If you found your way to the San Marco square then this spot is definitely one you should not forget, and almost cannot miss!

Basilica di San Marco In Venice, Italy

The San Marco basilica is the largest church in Venice and dates back to 1000 B.C. San Marco Basilica is the last resting place of the holy San Marco, hence the name. The church is known for its beautiful Italo-Byzantine architecture which dates back to the 11th century. However, this building has only been an official church since the 19th century. This was because the San Marco Basilica used to be a chapel of the Doge Palace.

The Basilica di San Marco has 3 different levels of domes, many towers, angels, and golden details. The front of the church has 5 panels which are beautifully decorated. And at the center, the symbol of San Marco and Venice, the lion, is depicted in gold.

Palazzo Ducale On San Marco Square

Watching over the large canal in Venice Italy is Palazzo Ducale (or the Doge Palace) on San Marco Square. This gothic-style palace has been the heart of Venice, Italy since the 14th century. Many Doges have lived and worked in the palace up until the 18th century. The amazing pillars and many bows create this almost hypnotic sight as this pattern is continuously used around San Marco Square.

The Palazzo Ducale is currently functioning as a museum where tourists can admire the beauty of the Palazzo. Although for those who don’t want to go inside, the outside gives enough possibilities for photography and dreamy pictures of Venice!

Basilica Di Santa Maria Della Salute

The story of Basilica Di Santa Maria Della Salute is actually quite sad. In the 17th century, there was a huge plague breakout in Venice, costing many Italians their life. As an offer, the people of Venice dedicated the construction of this church to “Our Lady of Health” or Salute in Italian. They believed this would help to convince God to help them overcome this plague infestation.

The Basilica Di Santa Maria Della Salute is built in baroque style and is one of the most recognized buildings in the skyline of Venice.

The best place to take photos of this impressive church in Venice is from across the Grand Canal, especially from the Trinita Water Taxi Pier.

Rialto Bridge In The Heart Of Venice Italy

The famous Rialto Bridge is one of the 4 bridges that cross the Grand Canal of Venice. Even though the Rialto Bridge is rebuilt several times since the 12th century, it is very impressive to know this was the first dry crossing over the Grand Canal. Nowadays, there are many shops on the inside of Rialto Bridge, making this a very touristy spot.

For photography purposes, there are many beautiful spots from where to capture the Rialto Bridge. There is a small wooden pier, a perfect little “balcony” and there is a walkway behind Palazzo dei Camerlenghi from where you can take stunning pictures.

The Rainbow Village Burano

Technically is Burano not in Venice, but it still on this list with photography spots because you cannot miss this unique village! If you love bright happy colors, the rainbow village Burano will make you grin from ear to ear.

Explore the streets of Burano (only 1 hour from Venice) during a day trip and take pictures on one of the bridges. Burano makes a perfect day-trip from Venice, Italy.

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Map With All The Photography Spots In Venice Italy

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