Dolomites Itinerary: Ultimate 7-Day Hiking Trip

If you love hiking, mirror lakes, and spectacular mountain views, this Dolomites road trip itinerary is perfect for you! In comparison to other European mountain areas, the dolomites are more rough and raw. In other words, definitely worth a visit.

First of all, the highlights of the Dolomites are grossly divided over two areas. The left side around the Gardena valley, and the right side around Cortina d’Ampezzo. For this 7-day road trip itinerary, I highly advise you to book two accommodations. First, book an accommodation on the Dolomites’ right side and secondly, more towards the left side. The reason for this is that the hikes on the right side are more intense. In other words, it is best to do them at the beginning of your trip instead of the end when you are tired. 

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Where To Stay In The Dolomites

Stay Close To Cortina d’Ampezzo

Whether you want to stay in a hotel, Airbnb, or go camping, it is all possible. For instance, we decided to go camping at one of the highest camping grounds in the dolomites: Camping Sass Dlacia. And what a beautiful location that was! Right in the middle of the mountains and at the start of countless hiking trails.

Although, if you are not looking to go camping, there are also some amazing cabins and hotel rooms available.

Tip Eat at the pizza restaurant on the camping. One of the best pizzas I’ve eaten in all of Italy.

Stay At The Gardena Valley

For our second stay, we booked an apartment at the Sonnleitn guesthouse. They have beautiful modern apartments which are very comfortable. Most importantly, the Sonnleitn guesthouse is only 6 minutes away from the village, which is the access point for many different cable cars. These cable cars are the entry point of many breathtaking mountain ranges and hiking trails. In conclusion, The location is absolutely terrific!

1: Tre Cime di Lavaredo – Most Iconic Hike Of This Dolomites Itinerary

To kick off this week in the dolomites, start at the Tre Cime Di Lavaredo. Tre Cime is one of the most iconic hiking routes in the Dolomites as you hike around tree mountain pillars. You get a unique perspective on your surroundings with stunning views of these impressive tops. 

Firstly, this hike is the perfect way to warm up your hiking muscles as the trail of Tre Cime Di Lavaredo is relatively easy. Secondly, Everyone with a decent pair of legs and basic stamina can do this hike. Read everything you need to know about the hike around Tre Cime Di Lavaredo here.

Tip ➳ Because I loved this second photo a lot, I’ve made it into a print to hang on your wall. Check it out for yourself here.

2: Lago Di Braies

Lago di Braies is one of the most photographed and beautiful lakes found in the Dolomites. The stunning blue/green colors of the lake and the mountain peaks surrounding this location cause loads of tourists to visit each year.

Furthermore, the Lago di Braies is also the starting point of many hiking trails. In other words, it is recommended to at least make a trip around the lake to observe its beauty from every angle. This hike takes about an hour.

However, as already mentioned, the lake is very touristy. Therefore, if you want the best experience, you should visit at sunrise. It will be less crowded – except for some photographers – and you can enjoy the beautiful Lago di Braies in combination with its mirror-like reflection.

Pro Tip ➳ Claim 50 Euros Discount On Airbnb When You Make A New Account.

3: Lake Sorapis, The Brightest Lake In This Dolomites Itinerary

At this point it is time to do a more intense hike, which is a hike up to Lake Sorapis. Lake Sorapis is an intense bright blue lake embedded high up in the mountains of the Dolomites. Unlike most places in this Dolomites road trip itinerary, Lake Sorapis is not an easy place to reach. For instance, this hike takes about 4 hours with steep and slippery trails. This is an intense workout that is definitely worth it! Above all, the views during the hike and the stunning blue lake make this an experience to remember. Read all you need to know about the Hike To Lake Sorapis here.

Pro Tip ➳ Bring Lake Sorapis Home and hang up a print in your living room or bedroom!

4: New Hotel And Alpe Di Siusi

Next stop, Alpe di Siusi. Moving on towards the second part of the Dolomites as well as moving towards the next Airbnb. This way, it is easier to reach the next locations listed in this itinerary.

Alpe di Siusi is a big mountain range completely covered in amazing hiking routes. It is an absolute treat to be able to hike at the Alpe di Siusi. Firstly, there are cute little wooden houses spread all over the scenery, mixed in with a sea of green grass and mountain tops in the back. Secondly, what makes Alpe Di Siusi different from other mountains in the Dolomites are the hill-like slopes. 

This causes the hikes at the Alpe di Siusi to be far from difficult. Instead, they are pretty relaxing, especially with the views you have. In other words, take some food with you and picnic in the lush green grass, between the horses and cows walking about.

Dolomites 7-Day Itinerary - Alpe Di Siusi

5: Hike Up To Seceda, The Coolest Mountain In This Dolomites Itinerary

I know I’ve listed many hikes in this Dolomites itinerary. Still, there are so many incredible ones, and they all have their own character, like Seceda, which is one of the most bizarrely rough and pointy mountain peaks I have ever witnessed. 

First of all, drive to the village Urtijëi and take the Funivie Seceda cable car up to the top of Seceda. The second step is buying a roundtrip ticket for 35 euros and go up with the cable car. Every half an hour, a cart leaves. 

Once you have arrived at the top, you will have an amazing view of the mountains. Furthermore, You can clearly see this usually is a skiing area, which now opens up loads of trails to hike. To reach the famous Seceda Instagram-spot, take the path on your left when you exit the cable cart station. After that small hike up to the top, you will have a breathtaking view over the Seceda mountain ridge. It takes about 10 minutes to get there.

Breath in the fresh air and admire this rough and unique landscape. In addition, if you are looking to hike some more, there are more than enough hiking trails for you to enjoy. Another thing to take into account is to take some warm clothes with you. It can be frigid at the top as Seceda is located at 2500m.

Tip ➳ After your hike, stop for a drink and a bite to eat at the restaurant on top of the mountain (connected to the cable cart station). The food is delicious and at a good price.

6: Villnöß & Lake Of Carezza

On the 6th day of this Dolomites road trip itinerary, I highly recommend you to visit the Lake of Carezza. This is a crystal clear rainbow lake, surrounded by mountains and pine trees, and is over 30 meters deep. Due to the lakes’ secluded location in the Dolomites, the water is like a mirror, reflecting the mountains around it. Moreover, the lake has a rainbow of blues, greens, and yellows, which you can see beautifully! 

After a visit to lake Carezza, it is time to visit one of the most picturesque churches in the Dolomites. Drive back from lake Carezza and stop at Villnöß. First, visit the Church of St. John. This is a tiny church with a dreamy and impressive backdrop of mountains. You have to pay 5 euros to get close to the church, which was a bit too much in our opinion. Instead, walk along the fence; there are several spots where you can enjoy the sight of this church. 

The second spot you need to visit is the Panorama viewpoint on Santa Magdalena. Park your car in the village of St. Magdalena and hike your way up to the viewpoint. Another option is to drive up there. Officially this is not allowed, but tons of hotels are close to the viewpoint, so we took our chances.  

7: Sella Pass & Relaxing

On the last day of this Dolomites road trip itinerary, you will want to relax a bit, pack your bags, and see a last glimpse of the mountains. Start your day at the Sella Pass. This pass is the connection between the Gardena Valley and the Fassa Valley. Drive along the Sella Pass and enjoy the spectacular view over the mountains.

After a morning at the Sella Pass, it is time to go to a sauna close to your hotel for instance, or do a little shopping in the village, and most importantly have an extensive Italian/Austrian lunch and dinner.

Dolomites Itinerary Map

To make this road trip itinerary through the Dolomites easier, I’ve pinpointed all the destinations on a map. Be sure to take this itinerary as a source of inspiration and adjust it the way you feel it best suits your travel experience.

Furthermore, if you are looking for another great road trip? Give this trip through Bavaria & Tirol a look.

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