Dutch Language: 25+ Sentences You Need To Know When You Travel In The Netherlands

When you’re traveling around in a country, it is always convenient to know a little of the local language. In the Netherlands, many people speak English. However, if you want to dive into the Dutch traditions and culture, you can not miss the Dutch language. Therefore, let’s begin!

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Dutch Language - Travel

General Dutch

Starting at the absolute basics. Saying yes and no and understanding when people thank you is the first important step in the Dutch language.

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Dank je wel.Thank you.

Greeting Each Other In The Dutch Language

Secondly, greeting each other in Dutch has many different forms. For example, a formal way of saying hello in the Dutch language is “Goedendag.” But you also be completely informal with a Brabants accent saying “Houdoe”.

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Goedendag. Good day.
Hoe gaat het?How are you?
Met mij gaat het goed. I am well.
Hoe heet je?What’s your name?
Ik heet … My name is …
Fijne dag!Have a nice day!
Tot straks. See you later!

Ordering Food In Dutch

When traveling in the Netherlands, you need to try Dutch food! And how fun is it to order your dinner in the local language?! Trust me, the Dutchies will love it!

Fun Fact → When a Dutch person tries to teach you the Dutch language, they usually teach you the sentence “neuken in de keuken” and say it means something like “how are you”. However, this is a very bad joke, as it, in reality, means “f*cking in the kitchen”. So don’t let them fool you. 😂

Is er een tafel voor twee beschikbaar?Is there a table for two available?
Zou ik iets mogen bestellen?Could I order something?
Zouden we het menu mogen?Could we see the menu?
Ik zou graag een koffie en een stuk appeltaart willen bestellen. I would like to order one coffee and a piece of apple pie.
Mag ik de rekening?Could I have the bill, please?

Dutch Language For In A Hotel

If you are traveling in the Netherlands, you are likely to stay in a hotel or Airbnb. So, let me explain how to talk your way into your room in Dutch.

Is er een kamer beschikbaar?Is there a room available?
Ik zou graag willen inchecken / uitchecken.I would like to check-out / check-in.
We hebben een reservering op de naam …We have a reservation under the name …
Is er wifi waar we gebruik van kunnen maken?Is there Wi-Fi here we can use?
Hoe laat is het uitchecken?What time is checkout?
Dutch Language: hotel

Asking Directions In The Dutch

Finally, we’ve covered basic yes and no, ordering food, checking in, and introducing yourself in Dutch. The only essential thing left when you travel in the Netherlands is to ask for directions in the Dutch language.

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Mag ik u wat vragen?Can I ask you something?
Waar is …?Where is …?
Welke richting is de …? In which direction Is the …?
Waar is het toilet?Where is the bathroom?

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Dutch Language - Travel
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