Pasta Class In Tuscany – Italian Bucket List Tip!

What is better than making your own Italian pasta in the hills of Tuscany. Sipping homemade wine, enjoying delicious Italian food, and getting to know the secrets of the Italian kitchen. During our stay at Roccastrada, we had the chance to experience the best of Tuscany firsthand. Read all about this stay in Tuscany and pasta course right now.

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Pasta Class In Tuscany - Italian Bucket List Tip!

About The Property

Think about driving through the Tuscan hills, passing thousands of olive trees and many vineyards. On top of one of these hills is the EatCookDiscover property. Enter this small authentic Tuscan vineyard by walking through a pergola covered in grapes. With grape-vines, fig-trees, pear trees, and even peach trees, a lot of fruit is grown in their own garden. Pick your snack, sit down, and relax on the pallet benches overlooking the beautiful Tuscan landscape. Vineyards and olive trees as far as the eyes can see.

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Glamping In The Tuscan Hills

During our stay, we slept in a very nice Glamping tent. In the tent, there was a large bed, a small cabinet, and homemade sweets made from the fig tree that can be found at the front of the tent. The Glamping tent was decorated with fairy lights as well as small guiding lights on the floor to guide you to the facilities. Furthermore, there was a set of chairs and a little table on the patio. Here you could pick your fresh fruits while having a view of the village on the hill.

Pasta Class In Tuscany

Oliver and Florence are a lovely British couple who are the owners of the property and also the people who host the pasta courses in Tuscany. Oliver is an experienced chef and pasta maker who will guide and help you through the process of making your own pasta.

First, we started making the pasta dough. Oliver explained all about the different kneading techniques and how to see if the pasta dough has the perfect texture. When the dough was just right it needed a little rest so it was time for a break with fresh fruit, coffee, tea, and lovely company.

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After the break, we started making three different kinds of pasta shapes. Farfalle which are the butterfly pasta, tagliatelle nests, and ravioli filled with potatoes, ricotta, and truffles. After having learned how to make our own pasta it was time to eat our delicious creations, paired together with an abundance of yummy wine and some limoncello!

It was super fun to learn the best practices from a real pasta chef. And it got us both inspired to 100% make real fresh Italian pasta back home. Because it turns out it is actually pretty simple when you know what you’re doing.

To summarise: a great experience which we highly recommend.

P.S. Oliver and Florence also host week-long cooking classes in Tuscany (definitely on my list). 

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