10X Full-Time Travel Preparation Tips

So exciting you are planning to travel full-time! But before you can start your next adventure you need to tick off a few essential errands. Fortunately I’ve listed a simple to do list for you so you can start travelling full-time without having to worry for one minute🤗!

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10X Full-Time Travel Preparation Tips

1. Accommodation Back Home

The first thing you want to consider when you plan on travelling full-time is: “What do I want to do with my home?”. You could sub-rent your place to someone or get rid of it entirely. 

This also of course depends on how long you plan to be travelling full-time and whether you feel comfortable not having a place to call home. This takes us right towards step 2 as well.

Pro Tip ➳ Keep in mind your lease likely has a 1 month
notice period. So the moment you cancel your lease, you will still have to pay your apartment for 1 month. 

2. Find A Place To Store Your Belongings While You Travel Full-Time

Whether you are sub renting your home to someone or getting out of your apartment, you will still have some boxes filled with clothes and other items that you won’t take with you on your adventure. Think about where you want to store these boxes.

One option is renting a storage unit, starting from 6m2. This is perfect if you only have a few boxes. However, a storage unit costs money. If you don’t want to spend cash on this, ask if you could store a few boxes with belongings at your parents, grandparents or a friends house. 

Pro Tip ➳ People are more likely to store one or 2 boxes for you, rather than a huge pile. Split your stuff up in several small portions of max. 3 boxes and bring them to who ever of your friends and family want to store them in their garage or basement. Keep a list of which boxes are where. 

3. Clean Out Your Home Before You Travel Full-Time

Now you’ve asked around and made sure you have a place to put your stuff, it’s time to sort everything out. Sell, give away or bring the things you don’t need to charity. This might help out some other people as well!😉

Think about what you want to do with your furniture. You can always buy cheap furniture at a secondhand shop when you get back from travelling full-time. Is the furniture worth spending money on to store it?

Tip ➳ Make sure to organise! When you are back from travelling full-time you want to know where to find everything. Label the boxes with what’s inside. This is also super handy if you are only home for a change in seasonal clothes. 

4. Cancel Gas, Internet and Electricity Services

If you are getting out of your apartment you want to end your contract with your gas, internet and electricity service. Just like the lease of your apartment, these contracts often have a 1 month notice period.

Tip ➳ Plan when you want to leave exactly and put a reminder in your calendar when you want to cancel everything and give notice. This way you will not forget about it and prevent having to pay an extra month of the services. 

If you plan on renting out your apartment you can consider decreasing you internet to a cheaper subscription.

5. Cancel Subscriptions To Magazines etc. 

Just like canceling you gas, internet and electricity services you want to cancel your other subscriptions. Thinks of magazines, Netflix, hbo, gym memberships, your phone plan for back home, apps you don’t need, etc. 

You might be surprised on how many payed services you are subscribed and how much money these cost without consciously spending it. Get rid of everything you will not use daily when you travel full-time and only keep the services you truly love and make use of. 

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6. Enlist To Another Address In Your Home Country

When you are traveling full-time you still officially need to “live” somewhere. If you get out of your apartment make sure you enlist with family at the municipality. This is for insurance purposes.

For example, as a dutch resident I have right on the healthcare and health insurance provided by the Netherlands. However, if I do not technically live here (and I mean, have enlisted myself living on an address in the Netherlands) I do not have the right to these services. Which is a shame because in the Netherlands everything is well arranged for people who live in the country. 

Technically living somewhere in your home country also affects your travel insurance, as well as other insurances which you might need. 

Silvan and I rented an apartment in Vlissingen, Zeeland and decided to get out of our apartment because it would cost us too much money to keep it when we would travel full-time. So, I enlisted on my parents’ address and Silvan on his parents’ in order to be eligible for each of our insurances. 

10X Full-Time Travel Preparation Tips

7. Check Your Travel Insurance For Full-Time Travel

Did you know your travel insurance is limited to a set amount of months abroad? After for example 3 months of traveling and not being in your home country your travel insurance sees this as “living abroad”. ln other words, if you are abroad longer than this set period (look it up in your travel insurance polis) your travel insurance does NOT cover you. 

Make sure to check for how many months of travel your insurance covers you and whether you can upgrade this amount if necessary. Usually you can upgrade the amount of months abroad for a few euros extra per month.

Pro Tip ➳ Keep this time frame in mind and either plan a short trip to your home country or upgrade to an extension in travel time. If you go home for only 2 day, your travel time will be reset and your trip after will count as another trip. 

Besides the period i highly recommend you to check if all the activities you plan on doing when travelling full-time are covered. Things like scuba diving and extreme sports like skiing are almost never included. Fortunately you can buy additional packages to make sure your travel insurance covers these activities. 

8. Check Your Health Insurance

The same goes for your health insurance, you need to be in your home country every few months to make sure it is still applicable. 

Plan to be in your home country every X months for at least 1 day or make other arrangements. The amount of months depends on your health insurance.

9. Change Your Address

Now you are enlisted on a different address you want to spread this information to the relevant parties. Like your dentist, bank, friends etc. In case you get a letter when you are traveling full time, it will at least be sent to the correct address.

Tip ➳ Discuss what the person back home who receives you letters odds to do with them. I personally prefer them to open the letters and send a photo of if to me. BUT Only do this when you 100% TRUST this person. Some letters can contain private information. If you do not feel comfortable with another person opening your letters, ask hem to make a stack of everything so you can open them when you are back home.

Tip 2 ➳ Almost all services from the government, banks and so forth have an option to receive emails instead of letters. Try to set this up for as many as possible to never miss important information when you travel full-time.  

10. Consider What To Do With Your Car

If you are travel full-time it is a waste to let your car stand still for months and months. Besides, this will only cost you money.

Sell, rent it out or lend your car temporarily to family. Just think about what you want to do with it. 

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Bonus: Take All Your Vaccins You Need When You Travel Full-Time!

Do you already know where you are going? Then it’s a good idea to check with your doctor if you need vaccins for your travel destinations. I always like to be safe than sorry.

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