HOW TO: Take Good Travel Pictures Of Yourself

HOW TO: Take Good Travel Pictures Of Yourself

In the era of Instagram and social media, taking awesome travel photos is part of our daily lives. And there is no better way to document your amazing trips! However, when you are traveling by yourself, often there is nobody around who takes a decent photo. So, If you want something done well you are going to have to do it yourself. Let me teach you how to take good travel pictures of yourself in a few easy steps. 

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Find The Best Spots

Before you are running out the door to take pictures I highly recommend you to make a rough plan. Look up the places you want to shoot and put them on maps and think about which spot you want to go to first. 

When I am traveling on my own I prefer to take pictures early in the morning.  At sunrise there are little people on the streets, the sky has a very nice color and the light is soft. In other words: the perfect photography conditions!  

When you arrive early in the morning on your spots, you have all the time in the world to set up your tripod try different angles without being disturbed or stared at. And also, it’s easier to keep an eye on your stuff. 

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A Good Tripod

For taking a good travel photo of yourself a good tripod is essential. There are tripods of all shapes, sizes, and weights. But what I personally find very important when I’m looking for a tripod is that it: 

  1. Easily fits into my trolley/suitcase.
    In most airplanes, you cannot bring a tripod separately as hand luggage, as it’s often seen as “special luggage”. So make sure your tripod fits in your bag to avoid extra costs on the airplane. 
  2. Can position my camera vertically.
    For my blog and also for social media purposes I prefer vertical photos. They take up more space on your screen and psychologically people are more likely to look longer at the content, this results indirectly in more engagement with the content. 
  3. Has a quick release.
    When you are taking photos on several spots a quick release on your tripod is very convenient. A quick-release is a little block that you temporarily scream onto your camera. With this, you can fasten and release your camera from the tripod by pulling a handle, instead of always having to screw and unscrew your camera to the tripod.  

My favourite tripod is this one right here.

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Phone Or A Remote

On every camera, there is a timer function, but you have to run back and forward between your spot and the camera. To make your life easier I recommend you to get a remote. You can buy a remote on Amazon for about €10. 

Even better is to connect your camera to your phone. The newer cameras from Sony, Nikon, and Canon ( I use the Canon 80D)  you can connect via an application with your phone. I fell in love with this!

Now, when I am taking my travel photos I can see the composition and I can adjust the settings of my camera on my phone. With an app like that, you can see exactly what you’re doing and what everything looks like. Allowing you to take the best travel photos in a fraction of the time. 

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Photo Editing

After you’ve taken all your photos in the best spots, it’s time to edit them.  Photo editing can take your travel photography to the next level and make them even more interesting and professional to look at. Therefore, editing is an important step in taking good travel pictures of yourself.

There are tons of applications for your phone to edit your photos with, but I personally fell in love with Lightroom.  This is a free application for your phone and with it, you can make tons of adjustments to your photos. The beautiful thing about Lightroom is that you can adjust every color separately.  So for example, you only want to adjust the blue sky, you toggle the blue sliders. 

If you want to get a little more advanced, you can also buy Lightroom for your laptop and you can dive even deeper into the editing process. 

However, if you are not really into editing your photos, you can buy Lightroom presets from different bloggers. These presets are literally “Pre Settings” for Lightroom and act as a filter over your photos. Pop your photos in the lightroom, select a preset, and voila! Your photos are dreamy as hack. 

Be That Boss And Be Confident

When you are taking photos outside of yourself, people are going to notice you. But don’t let this distract you, laugh about it, and continue making great content.  Because most people are just genuinely interested in what you’re doing. So be confident, don’t think about the rest of the world, and enjoy your photography process! 

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