Save Money For Travel: 15X Easy “Don’t Buy” Tips

Often people ask how I can afford to travel so much. Well, I am very conscious about what I spend my money on. You can only spend it once, so I’m all for doing it wisely to save as much money as possible. Let me reveal 15 things I do not buy to save money for my travel budget!

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Save Money For Travel: 15X Easy "Don't Buy" Tips

1. Alcohol

Alcohol is definitely one of those all-time favorites. Everybody loves a good glass of wine,  a cocktail on the beach, or a beer with friends, right?

According to CBS, an average person in the Netherlands (I am Dutch) drinks 1 glass of alcohol per day or 365 glasses per year. Let’s say a beer costs 2,50 euros. This means an average dutch person spends 912 euros per year on alcohol. For a little perspective, you could travel almost an entire month in Thailand for that money. Hello, easy way to increase your travel budget?!

Of course, you do not have to cut out the alcohol entirely,  I just recommend you to be thoughtful with how much and how often you buy alcoholic drinks. 

Personally, I only drink something I really enjoy, like a port wine on an occasion where I feel like having that drink. This way you keep appreciating it, plus it saves you a lot of money for travel, wrinkles and is better for your health. Cheers!  

2. Ordering Food

In so many movies and TV series, you see that ordering food is very normal. And of course, it is chill when you do not want to cook yourself to order some delicious pizza.

But have you recently calculated how much food you can actually cook with the money you spend on a medium tasty take out pizza?! It will astonish you!

Do groceries for the entire week and roughly plan out what you want to cook for dinner. This way you’ll never run out of (healthy) food at home.

Pro Tip ➳ Pop some pizza in your fridge for when you don’t feel like cooking, so you don’t have to order it. 

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3. Subscriptions On Magazines And Apps

Have you read the latest Vogue? No? Me neither. But I do have a subscription…

On how many magazines, apps, and learning platforms are you subscribed to? But do you actually read the magazines that fall on your doormat every week? 

I try to keep my subscriptions to a minimum and am only subscribed to platforms I use daily. Try out the “month for free” most platforms offer to test if you really enjoy the service. Put the end date of that free month in your planner, so you can decide before it charges you for the next month if a subscription is worth it. 

4. Fast Fashion Items

Fast Fashion is all the rage right now. The name states it already, it is fashion designed to be worn for the small period, and considered trending in that tiny time window while already moving on to the next best thing. 

Often these trending fast fashion items are relatively cheap but low in quality. Because of this they look worn out quickly. 

Do not fall for the cheap price as you need to buy more clothes because of the bad quality. Pay that little bit extra for clothes that will last you for years and years and suit your personal style. This is also a lot better for the environment, as clothes take a lot of natural resources to make. 

5. Never Pay Retail Price & Save Money For Travels

Treating yourself to a new outfit you truly love is amazing. But those clothes do not have to be so expensive…  4 times a year,  when the seasons change,  almost every shop has a sale offering up to 70% discount. Woop Woop! This is the time to treat yourself. 

Suddenly a pair of jeans doesn’t cost $100 anymore, but $30! You can still shop whatever you want but only shop during sales.  

However don’t go crazy and don’t end up spending the money you intended to save for your travel budget, just for the sake of sale signs. Only buy the items that really make you happy, are high quality, and of which you are confident that you’re going to wear often. 

6. Expensive Brand Groceries

Have you also noticed that some grocery shops are more expensive than others? And that some luxury brands offer the same product for a much higher price than products without a brand?! 

I hardly buy any groceries with a high valued brand name anymore, because in a lot of situations you only pay for the name of the brand. Try and go to a “cheap” supermarket and search for the budget options. An easy way to save money for your travel budget.

Don’t think I’m a greedy person. I just find it a waste to spend way more on the same product, just for the sake of a name. How do you feel about that?

7. The Newest Phones (Amazing Way To Save Money)

Having a good phone is crucial to check out Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and be in contact with your friends and family. 

But you don’t need the newest model from a top brand to do that. There are great alternatives from fewer know brands or just 1 or 2 models older. I have a Samsung 3 versions behind on the latest upgrades, but it works perfectly!

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8. Bottled water

In most European countries, tap water is perfectly drinkable. You might need to get used to the taste, but try to use it as much as possible. Refill your reusable water bottle before you leave the house so you never get thirsty.

If the tap water in your country is not drinkable, try to refill your water bottle at a filling point instead of buying bottle after bottle. This saves a lot of money in the long run and improves the environment by reducing your plastic use. 

9. Expensive Gym Membership

Staying healthy and doing exercises is fun and good for you, not only for your physical but also mental health. I love going to the gym! But nowadays gyms can be very pricey because they are hip and trendy. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable gyms out there. 

If you are currently enrolled in a gym ask yourself the following questions: Do you still actually go to the gym? How often? Do you enjoy doing the exercises there?

If you really love your gym and find it worth the money,  go for it! But if you don’t go as often anymore or you do not actually like what you’re doing there. Consider going someplace cheaper or changing up your routine entirely. 

Or otherwise, try watching workout videos on YouTube, go for a run outside, or have a game of soccer with your friends.  All great workout alternatives which do not cost you a single dollar. 

10. Taxis

Bye-bye taxi. Hello, public transport! When you’re traveling (and back home), try and figure out the public transport. In one country this is easier than in the other, but it saves you a lot of money for your travel budget and brings its own little adventure. 

Besides public transport, you could rent a bike to get around, or a motorbike. Ask a friend to drive together and split the gas money. Put your rollerblades on or walk from one place to the next. Enough options to get around without a taxi. 

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11. Lunch – Easy Way To Save Money Every Day!

I am the kind of person who always wants to eat. When I go to the office, out exploring, to the beach or whatever. I (almost) always bring my own lunch from home or at least some snacks.

Homemade food is fresh, delicious, and healthy + saves money. In the office I work when I’m in the Netherlands a regular sandwich starts at 6 euros. I refuse to spend 6 euros every day on a sandwich I don’t even like, while I can make a delicious lunch at home. 

Therefore, lately, I’ve been experimenting with wraps, overnight oats, and smoothies to keep lunch interesting. What’s your favorite lunch to take with you? 

12. Coffee And Tea

What goes for lunch also goes for coffee and tea. In most office buildings and universities, you pay over 1 euro per miserable cup of coffee. But when you bring your own delicious brew it will cost you a fraction of the price and it’s 10 times tastier. 

Put your own little coffee maker on your desk, or fill up a large thermos flask of 1 L or 1,5 L with tea (yes you can also bring a small thermos flask, but I’m addicted to tea so I need a lot). 

When you go on a day-trip, bring a little backpack that fits both your lunch, some snacks, and a thermos flask. That way you are always prepared and never you hungry or thirsty. 

13. Unnecessary Insurances

People are flexible beings and everybody’s situation changes over time. This goes for your home, health, car, things you own, etc. 

Sit down once a year and evaluate all the insurances that you have and whether they are still applicable to your situation for that year.  For example, you sold your car, you might not need all the extra dental care, you moved to a smaller place. Or you don’t travel full time anymore. 

14. New Furniture & Home Improvements – DIY And Save Money

Transforming your home and making it an even more cozy place to stay is a ton of fun. But new furniture is definitely going to shake up your wallet. 

Instead, make it a game and go on a hunt for the best second-hand furniture and decoration items to improve your home, do DIY projects, and paint your home a different color. As a result, you will have an upgraded home in no time and without spending your next airplane ticket on home design.

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15. Skip BS Stuff You Don’t Need & Save Tons Of Money

I think we’ve all experienced that moment when we were standing in a store, holding up that skirt or curling iron which you fell in love with. But after buying it, it ends up on the pile of BS stuff you don’t really use. Ugh, I hate that, and I almost hear my mom’s ego “I told you so”. 

When standing in a store planning to buy something, consider the following things:  Do I need this? When am I going to use it? Will this make me truly happy? Is it a valuable addition to the stuff I already have?

We can only spend that money once, best to do it on something worth its value. By thinking about this, I guarantee you that you will save money for your future travel adventures😉.

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