Solo Travel Tips: 3X Easy Tips To Prepare At Home

Solo traveling is very exciting! However, it is nice to be prepared for everything. Therefore, I’ve listed 3 essential solo travel tips (which you can prepare at home?). These will help you have a carefree and more safe trip✈️! 

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Solo Travel Tips: 3X Easy Tips To Prepare At Home

Download An Offline Map – Solo Travel Tip 1

One of the first things I do to prepare for a trip is downloading an offline map, whether it is a solo trip or not. Especially when you’re traveling on your own, it is important to know where you are at any moment and how to get around. With an offline map, you will save a lot of time, internet data, and awkward conversations with local people who do not speak English. 

There are multiple apps to download offline maps. But my favorite is the most common: Google Maps. When you go to the menu, you can scroll down to a tap “offline maps,” and there, you can download the map of your choice. 

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Spread Your Cash – Solo Travel Tip 2

 As a solo traveler, you are a little bit more vulnerable than you would be traveling with somebody else. There is the (unlikely) chance that you get robbed during your trip. The best thing you can do to prepare for this in case it happens is to spread some cash over your luggage.

Before you step onto a plane, go to an ATM at the airport and collect a few bills of 20 euros. And put at least 1 bill in every bag you have with you. Now, if you do get robbed, you still have that little bit of cash on hand to take a cab to your hotel. Here you can then block all your cards, etc. 

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Get Familiar With Public Transport – Solo Travel Tip 3

One of the best ways to get around in most cities is public transport. To make sure you won’t get lost at your destination I would advise you to get familiar with public transport. You need to know the following things:

  •  How to get from the airport to your hotel or hostel.
  •  Where to buy tickets for public transportation.
  •  What the most practical transportation lines (bus, tram, train) to your destination are.

On the website of your airport of destination and the Tourism Board website, there is always a public transport section. Make sure you check that out before you depart.

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