100+ Sustainable House Tips – How to Obtain An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

We only have one planet, and therefore, sustainability plays a more and more prominent role in our daily lives. Fortunately, it is easy to have a sustainable house and an eco-friendly lifestyle! Let’s start right away. I’ve listed a set of easy habits for each room, which you can obtain in your sustainable lifestyle.

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100+ Sustainable House Tips - How to Obtain An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Cleaning Your House In A Sustainable Way

To clean your home until it shimmers and shines, you do not need all those chemicals. Nature has incredible resources that can be used as replacements. But moreover, there are many more things you can do to clean your house sustainably.

  1. Use Microfiber cloths to clean instead of paper towels.
  2. Utilize lemon, baking soda, and vinegar to clean instead of chemical cleaning products. 
  3. Buy a wooden dishwashing brush instead of a plastic one and reduce the plastic in your sustainable house. 
  4. Use a dishwashing loofah instead of a regular viscose sponge. 
  5. Rinse away your dirty cleaning water in the sink instead of outside. 
  6. Only turn on your dishwasher when it is full.
  7. Open the windows to air your space instead of using air fresheners.
  8. Use white vinegar to get rid of smells instead of air fresheners. 
  9. Use coffee grounds to scrub away dirt. 
  10. Repurpose an old toothbrush as a scrubbing tool. 
  11. Add plants to your home to clean the air. 
  12. Use soap bars instead of soap in plastic containers. 
  13. Turn old socks and shirts into cleaning-cloths. 
  14. Use a reusable trash bag instead of single-use trash bags. 
  15. Use a glass spray bottle instead of a plastic one. 
  16. Replace your plastic pegs with aluminum ones. 

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Washing Your Clothes Sustainably

  1. Reduce how frequently you wash your clothes by airing them. 
  2. Air dry your clothes instead of using a dryer.
  3. Use a rubber ball in your washing machine to soften your clothes instead of a fabric softener. 
  4. Add a dash of white vinegar to your laundry and use half the amount of detergent as you normally would.

Sustainable Kitchen In No-Time

In your sustainable house, you can, of course, not skip the kitchen. Personally, this is my favorite space to think about sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives. This is because I love to cook and spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

  1. Use a thermos to keep your tea and coffee warm or to keep drinks cool during the summer.
  2. Make use of reusable food wraps to keep your food fresh.
  3. Put your leftovers in food containers as a lunch for the next day.
  4. Drink more water from the tap to save on buying bottles.
  5. Use a wooden dish brush.
  6. Eat less meat and more plant-based food.
  7. If you have plastic bags, use them as garbage bags in your garbage can.
  8. Use all of the small leftovers that you can use. Cook a vegetable quiche or soup by making use of these leftovers.
  9. Cook or bake anything that will expire soon and put it in the fridge not to waste it.
  10. Eat your fridge leftovers regularly instead of still throwing them away. Take it out of the fridge in advance (for example, before work) so that it won’t be frozen when you want to eat.
  11. Don’t keep your eggs in the fridge. When you want to cook them: bring them to a boil with a lid on top, turn off the stove and let them stay in the pan for 10 minutes.
  12. Use home cutlery instead of plastic cutlery.
  13. Use silicone baking mats instead of parchment paper.
  14. Instead of all kinds of chemicals, use vinegar, lemons, and baking soda to clean your house.
  15. Use mason jars instead of plastic ones.
  16. Schedule a leftover day to reduce food waste.
  17. Use a tea-infuser instead of multiple tea bags a day.
  18. Cook your own meals instead of frequently ordering food.
  19. Don’t use plastic straws. Use bamboo or metal ones instead. 
  20. Get a reusable water bottle instead of single-use plastic bottles.
  21. Go for washable napkins instead of paper ones. 
  22. Use old jars as (food) storage containers.

Eco-Friendly Bathroom

For the bathroom, there are tons of products you can swap. Most have to do with packaging, but these are a great start in your journey to a more sustainable house!

  1. Use a menstrual cup instead of tampons or menstrual pads.  
  2. Adopt a bamboo hairbrush instead of a plastic brush.
  3. Use a wooden toothbrush instead of a plastic toothbrush.
  4. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth. 
  5. Go for short lukewarm (or cold) showers to save water and energy. 
  6. Use wooden cotton swabs, or use a reusable cotton swab instead of plastic swabs.
  7. Use plastic and silicone-free personal care products.
  8. Swap single-use cotton rounds for reusable fabric makeup-remover pads.
  9. Use a glass deodorant stick instead of regular deodorant.
  10. Buy a water-efficient showerhead to save liters of water during every shower.
  11. Buy soap bars instead of soap in plastic containers.  
  12. Use a washable fabric shower curtain instead of a plastic shower curtain. 
  13. Use unbleached and recycled toilet paper. 
  14. Buy shampoo and conditioner bars instead of plastic bottles. 
  15. Get biodegradable dental floss instead of silk.
  16. Use coffee grounds as a skin scrub. 
  17. Brush your teeth with toothpaste bites in a glass bottle. 
  18. Use a bidet instead of toilet paper. 
  19. Get a metal razor blade to shave your legs as an alternative to plastic razor blades.
sustainable house replacements.

Get Green Fingers In Your Garden

  1. Create your own vegetable and herbs garden. My favorite thing about my eco-friendly lifestyle and house.
  2. Install rainwater and gray water catchments.
  3. Use drip irrigation in your garden to save water. 
  4. Water your plants with rainwater instead of tap water.
  5. Use coffee grounds as compost in your garden.
  6. Use your eggshells as food for your plants.
  7. Start composting.
  8. Use hot cooking water from your eggs to throw on weeds in your garden or pavement.
  9. Save seeds and plant them next year.
  10. Grow native plants; they don’t need as much water and plant nutrition. 
  11. Do not use pesticides and herbicides. 
  12. Build an insect house to attract beneficial insects like ladybugs. 
  13. Fertilize with manure from your animals or local farm instead of buying it in packages. 
  14. Use plants that can resist dry periods and need little water.
  15. Buy a manual mower and do a workout while mowing the lawn. 
  16. Plant loads of flowers to attract bees and help them pollinate. 

Use Transportation Responsibly

  1. Take the stairs more often.
  2. Walk or take the bike more often instead of driving to your destination.
  3. Use more public transport instead of the car.
  4. Carpooling is the way to go in your eco-friendly lifestyle.   

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Save Energy In Your Sustainable House

Saving energy as it can be done with simple habits. As a kid my parents always reminded my sister and me of these tricks. Therefore, these might also be logical to you, but I still wanted to highlight them🤗.

  1. Turn off the lights and other electronic devices when you leave the room.
  2. Put on a sweater and turn down the temperature. 
  3. Turn the temperature further down during the night when you sleep. Did you know people sleep better in a cool room?!
  4. Open up your blinds and let the natural light in instead of turning your electrical lights on. 
  5. Replace your regular incandescent lamps with LED lights.
  6. Isolate your house properly so that you can keep the warmth inside.
  7. Generate your own green energy, for example, with solar panels. 
  8. Buy second-hand furniture instead of new furniture. 
  9. Prefer plants that last over a bouquet that is wilted within a week.

Reduce Your Waste In House

  1. Recycle everything you have.
  2. Do not buy plastic bottles. Buy glass bottles instead. 

Shop Sustainably And Responsibly (Directly From Your House)

  1. Always carry a reusable bag so that you never have to buy a plastic one.
  2. Buy local products. Loads of food from farmers get thrown away or are not accepted by supermarkets because it does not look perfect.
  3. Pick the “not perfect” looking vegetables and fruits in the supermarket. These are perfectly fine, but they often do not get sold and end up in the garbage.
  4. Save food that is about to go bad via an app as Too Good To Go.
  5. Buy groceries without plastic packaging. 
  6. Take a cotton bag with you for your bread instead of paper or plastic.
  7. Make use of reusable vegetable and fruit bags.
  8. Buy seasonal vegetables and fruits.
  9. Don’t buy presents for each other, go out and do something fun which doesn’t involve shopping for gifts.
  10. Be conscious about buying new products for your eco-friendly house and lifestyle. Ask yourself, “Do I really need this?”.

Eco-Friendly Clothes

Your closet might be filled with cute tops and shorts. However, have you ever considered how your clothes are produced? Now is the time! Create room in your eco-friendly house for eco-friendly clothes.

  1. Buy good quality clothes that last longer.
  2. Buy secondhand clothing.
  3. Shop from sustainable brands using sustainable materials.
  4. Restyle old clothes and give them a new look. 
  5. Donate your old clothes to charity.

Sustainable In-House Office

Now we often work from home, a sustainable office is also part of a sustainable and eco-friendly house.

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  1. Put up a no junk mail sign.
  2. Be sure to sign up for digital letters.
  3. Make use of double-sided printing.
  4. Make use of a bamboo pen instead of a plastic one.
  5. Be sure to use recycled paper.
  6. Use the blank side of prints as an annotation block.
  7. Borrow books instead of buying them.
  8. Use video chats if possible instead of having live meetings.
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Tips On How To Approach This Process To A Sustainble House

  • Take it slow, you do not have to change everything at once.
  • Swap at least 1 product for a sustainable alternative per week in your house. This helps you get into the process and keeps your mind active thinking of ways to become more eco-friendly in your lifestyle.
  • Talk about it with your family and friends and come up with fun ways to get more sustainable together.
  • Reward (your kids) after making a sustainable choice.
  • Play games with your kids to make the house more sustainable and to teach about an eco-friendly lifestyle.

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