Essential Underwater Photography Gear – GoPro

Essential Underwater Photography Gear – GoPro

For traveller underwater photography becomes more and more important! Fortunately you only need a few Gopro accessories that improve your underwater photography straight away. So, let’s get started!

  1. GoPro (hero 7 black)
  2. Selfie stick
  3. Dive housing
  4. Underwater filters
  5. Dome

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How To underwater photography with Gopro gear

Make The Best Underwater Photography With The GoPro (hero 7 black)

Of course, you need a camera. The new GoPro hero 7 black is a great camera for underwater shots! It has a stabilisation function that works like a charm and you can adjust all the settings to your liking. And don’t forget you can shoot super slow-motion with it. 

GoPro hero 7 black

Selfie stick

The best way to point your camera in all the right directions is with a selfie stick. A good selfie stick needs to be: 

  • Sturdy and steady
  • Extendable 
  • Adjustable camera angles

These features will help you get the best shots. In have been using the GoPro stick and is great. 

Check it out here

Dive housing

Whether you go snorkelling or scuba diving, one thing you cannot miss is a dive housing. This is a thick plastic case that protects your GoPro against the pressure of the water (up to 40 m deep) and from scratches in general. The dive housing also helps as a shock reducer when your GoPro falls. In other words, it is an easy way to safeguard your GoPro.

Dive Housing for HERO 7

Underwater filters

When you shoot underwater, you will notice that your footage is very green/blue. This is because the red colour is filtered out by the water. The deeper you go, the less red light there is. With red filters you can bring back the red light in your footage. In other words, more vivid colours! 

Depending on how deep you go in the water, the more intense your red filter needs to be. 

I love the set from polar pro, which has a snorkelling filter, a dive filter and a green water filter. So, you will be covered in all common situations. You can easily attach the filters to your GoPro dive housing. And you get a nice case for them too. 

A great place to use these filters is on a trip to Bali or Thailand.

PolarPro Aqua Filter 3-Pack (Red, Magenta, Snorkel) for GoPro Hero7 / Hero6 / Hero5 Super Suit Housing


To bring your underwater footage to the next level, you can use a Dome. Like the photos below taken in Thailand. A dome is plastic bubble that pushes the water away from the camera lens. When you look through the dome you can see a split image, half above water and half underwater. This is a great way to get creative with your shots. 

Dome Port

Now you know all you need to know and it’s time to jump in the water and start shooting! 

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