Work From Home Tips – 10 Easy Focus Boosters

Our new reality is that we are staying at home more and more. If you are in a lockdown or not, you will probably need to work from home. At first, this was super nice! For instance, making a home-cooked lunch, walking the dog during a break, and seeing your partner more. But, after a few weeks/months, your work and relax-time start to blend. Resulting in difficulties staying focussed, less fun, and being more tired and restless overall. Therefore, in this blog post, we’ll give you 10 tips on how to stay productive when you work from home and boost your overall concentration. 

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1. Get Dressed In The Morning

I know how tempting it is to roll out of bed and start working. Spend all day in your pajamas, not doing anything to make yourself presentable because, in short, “Why would you?”. Nobody is going to see you anyway, right?! (accept from your partner or roommate, but they already know what you look like).

However, when you look in the mirror, you will not be inspired or in the die-hard work mode. Get dressed, put a little make-up on, and THEN start the day. Act like you are going to the office to get you in the right mindset. 

Getting dressed is one of the work from home tips that has helped me a lot. I ran around like a hobo for months because it was easy. It was draining my energy because I felt I was not taking care of myself anymore. Getting dressed cheered me up because I love nice clothes and playing with makeup, but most of all, it helped me get started with the day. Instead of watching Netflix while eating my breakfast and halfway done, I start with Pinterest, creating a disengaging workflow. On the other hand, now I start my workday after breakfast when I am fully dressed. Consequently, separating the different phases in my day, saying to myself, “Now it is time to work.”

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2. Create A Work-Only Space

The second item of these work-from-home tips is your work-space. Do you have a spare room or a corner you don’t often use? Make it into your new home office. You don’t have extra space you can use as an office? Then make a work-space of your living room table. 

Strictly use this home-office space for work. This way, when sitting down, you immediately get in the work-mode because you associate this space with “Getting Sh*it Done” and nothing else. 

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3. Write Down Your Goals

When you try to stay focused, remind yourself what you want to achieve. Write down your goals for the coming month, 6 months, 1 year, and 10 years, and hang this list clearly visible in your workspace. Every time you are distracted, read this list. This will help you get new energy and remind you that what you are doing is not pointless. You are putting in all those hours to achieve your goals! And make them count.

When I read through my goals, I also like to think about what I’ve already built up over time. Remembering how far you’ve come is such a great way of reflection and boosts your mood immensely. 

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4. Make An Accurate To Do List With Priorities

Now you’ve listed the goals; you need to make a list of all the things you need to do to get there. One of my goals was to build a webshop selling my travel photography prints. To reach this goal, I’ve built a massive to-do list breaking it down into miniature easy-to-do tasks. A part of this list, for example, was:

  1. Look through all my old photos and select the most captivating ones. 
  2. Edit those photos
  3. Enlarge the photos to a printable size. 
  4. Create mock-up images so people can imagine the prints in their own homes.
    1. Livingrooms
    2. Bedrooms
    3. Offices 
  5. Build a webshop page
    1. Rows of 3 products with the price and title displayed. 
    2. When hovering over a product, the picture changes to the second photo of that product.
    3. Put in filters (color, price & location)
  6. Start an Instagram & Facebook account for the Freckled Store.
  7. Set up Instagram & Facebook shopping
  8. Create Pinterest Account for the Freckled Store
    1. Sign up for Pinterest
    2. Research keywords for Pinterest profile
    3. Fill out your Pinterest profile.
    4. Creat 10 boards with room-inspired themes. 
    5. Etc…..

Please make a list like this for each goal you have and make them as detailed as possible (mine could be much more detailed). Break down your big goals into smaller doable tasks. That way, you don’t work towards something impossible. As a result, you work your way through a clear pathway to your goals, instead of towards something that seems impossible.

These to-do lists need to be adjusted as you go and be flexible as your situation, goal, and execution may change, but it sets you on the right track. 

These work from home tips also includes you celebrating each win! Every task you complete, even though it is small it is a step closer to your dreams.

To Do List Illustration

5. Prioritising Is Your New Best Friend – My Favourite Work From Home Tip From This Guide

I know that your massive to-do lists can be quite scary. It looks like this HUGE pile of work, but where to begin?! Therefore, prioritizing is your new best friend. Think about which tasks from your to-do lists will benefit you the most right now or are time-sensitive, like writing a blog post about Christmas gifts.

When you start the day, analyze what’s your main priority for that day. It is best to have 1, so you can fully indulge in this task. However, if you have more priorities, try to minimize them to a max of 3. This is what you’ll be working on that day. Afterward, you can start other tasks, but most importantly, try to focus and stick to your priorities.   

6. Put Your Distractions Away

Still not motivated enough? Tidy up your workspace and put everything that might distract you away. Leave your phone in a different room, close all tabs that are not relevant, and silence all your notifications. The fewer stimuli that have the potential to keep your mind busy with other things, the better.

Secondly, try to set a timer for 30 minutes and commit to 30 minutes of fully focussed work. You can get a lot done in 30 minutes. Afterward, reward yourself with a little break or snack. Build up these “concentration-time slots” and challenge yourself to stay focussed.

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7. Play Soft Piano Music

My secret to full concentration-mode is playing soft piano music in the background. This piano music has no lyrics and has happy tones. Having this soft music playing takes away other distracting sounds from outside, like cars. Moreover, it inspires me. 

Find the music that helps you focus even more, and again only put that kind of music on when you want to work. 

girl listening to music

8. Take Proper Breaks: Key Work-From-Home Tip In This Guide

After each hour of work, you need to move about and have a break. However, not a break where you watch some puppy videos or scroll through your phone. Instead, do a proper break where you avoid screens and move your body. Sitting still for too long is bad for your physique, but also your brain. Put on a happy song and do a little dance party. Talk to your boyfriend and go for a short walk outside. After a real break, you are recharged and ready to crush those numbers and type like mad again. 

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9. Develop Yourself & Stay Curious To New Opportunities When Working From Home

Do you want to do something new but have no idea how? This time at home is the perfect time to develop yourself and work on new skills. For example, learn how to build a website, design t-shirts, do marketing, or draw cool maps. Whatever skill would be a great addition to your work, go for it. My favorite learning platform is Skillshare, as it is super cheap and has loads of amazing tutorials and classes. They now have a 30% discount on the 1st year Skillshare premium.

Firstly, it is fun to expand your skillset, and secondly, it helps you get a fresh look at your cases. Moreover, it gets you excited to work on and develop these new assets.

10. Ask People To Help Out – Work From Home Helper Tips

Get a new perspective and ask a friend, your mom, or a college for help. It is fun to brainstorm about how to solve or approach a certain situation. In other words, it could bring you some massive “Aha” moments you’ve missed yourself. Having another person’s opinion is amazing when you look for a fresh perspective or talk about what you’re working on. 

An easy way to implement this last work-from-home-tip of tips is, for instance, to describe the problem you want to solve and ask how they would do it. Or show them what you’ve already made and let them ask any questions they have about it, or for example, grab a large paper and start a word web. There are tons of ways to involve others. Because this is a different method than you typing on your laptop, it will 100% help you think differently. 

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